Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lipstick & Dipstick on the Lesbian Lounge Tonight!

I am so excited. Tonight Lipstick & I get to be guests on my favorite radio program: The Lesbian Lounge. We'll be dishing it with hilarious hosts Denise and Donna, talking about our new book, lesbian relationship advice and sex and dating tips.

One of the great things about The Lesbian Lounge is that it's internet radio, so therefore, we are not regulated by the FCC. We can say pussy, cunnilingus and any other dirty word that comes to mind. And the other great thing is you can tune in anywhere in the world. Oh yeah, and you can also join in the chat room on Gay Internet Radio Live and chat with other Lesbian Lounge listeners and hosts Denise and Donna. How cool is that?

So, join us tonight at 6pm PST or 9pm EST on My Lesbian Radio or Gay Internet Radio Live. If you miss the show, you can also download the podcast from itunes for free.

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