Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pretty Airplanes

Jes from Dayton Ohio recently contacted me to tell me about an art project she completed. She was invited by the city to cover this model F16 jet with art. Since she is a mosaic artist, this is what she came up with.

Jess said:

I covered the Jet with stained glass because glass is the most beautiful media in the world ;)
I wanted to show a larger range of color and knew that a rainbow would be perfect. The plane is meant to be beautiful more than anything else. I wanted people to want to know what she is all about. A beautiful sculpture that says I'm proud to be gay and in the military. I hope this Rainbow F16 serves as a reminder that we need to defeat the BAN on gay men and women serving our country. Equality is beautiful.

Jes's plane will be on display in a bank in Dayton, Ohio. Thanks for sharing Jes!

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