Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Arizona Recap

So, I've sorted through all the photos and videos from our recent trip to Arizona and have a few things to share. The first, a couple gems from our night out with the Posse. The photo was taken at Kyoto, where we enjoyed sake bombers for the last time (they're tearing it down soon and rebuilding some huge glitzy, Scottsdale building). We used to go there when we were in college. All these girls--who are still some of my absolute nearest and dearest--I've known for at least 23 years, some for over 30! We use to run around in diapers together.

From our night out, I've also included a video (albeit dark) of Melanie (who I went to Kindergarten with) and I doing Sweet Caroline at Geisha A Go Go, a fabulous karaoke bar in Scottsdale, where you can rent private rooms and sing your hearts out. And that we did! Patty was filming, but you can see her hand. Together, we sound like a bunch of howling cats. Our karaoke room has never seen such craziness. I'm sure they had to re-upholster the couch and repaint the walls as we bounced up and down on it with drinks all night.

When we weren't singing karaoke or laying by the pool, we played golf, enjoyed grilling out and had an all around fabulous time with my family and friends. We spent time with my uncle Stan and his family, as well as Nana and her best friend Mary Faye. They're pictured below together. They've been friends since grammar school" (Nana's words), so I guess long-term friendship run in the family. Hard to beat 70 years! But I'm sure my friends and I are on the same path and will be rocking out with our rockers when we're 80, laughing about our old shenanigans, too.

I slid in a little video of my mom and Nana doing a little jig to My Humps. Priceless.

For kicks, I also included a video of my parents' dog, Trapper, getting into it with their resident swan, who my mom feeds regularly.

Patty was quite entertained.

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