Sunday, December 9, 2007

Buried in the Snow

I've been out of pocket this week up at Mount Hood cavorting around with Texas and our dear friends Hoogs and Minx. We went up to celebrate my birthday (I'm a Sagittarius) and to blow off some steam while partaking in snow sports.

Needless to say, good times were had by all and holy hell did it dump while we were up there. There is something so peaceful and meditative about snow, isn't there? We stayed at Timberline (famed for the Stanley Kubrick film "The Shining"). You can see Jack Nicholson coming toward Timberline lodge with an ax in this image.

And remember Redrum?

Hoogs and I skied and Minx snowboarded while Texas curled up with a book inside. After we retired for the night, we played cut throat Catch Phrase and Pictionary. The fireplaces in our rooms were one of the highlights. If you've never fallen asleep next to a roaring fireplace while it's snowing with your girlfriend, you need to put that on your Bucket List.

We also hit the Snow Bunny hill on innertubes. Texas, who is deathly afraid of heights, even conquered the mountain. Hoogs won the speed racer award and had the best spill off her tube; I'd pay money to have gotten that on film. She seemed to make cartoon Foley noises as she flipped upside down and bonked off her head. Can't you hear it? Afterwards ravaging our bodies, we stopped into Government Camp at the Ratskeller for a little nip to warm us up.

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