Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jodie Foster is a Lesbian?

Well, duh!

Even though we've all know Jodie is a scissor kisser for years, she unofficially came out of the closet recently at a Hollywood Reports case you haven't heard.

At the lunch, she publicly (for the very first time in her career) thanked her long-time girlfriend (of 14 years!) Cydney Bernard (pictured here) and called her "my beautiful Cydney." To see her deliver this speech, coupled with a semi-interesting discussion about it on CNN, go HERE.

Did she really come out? Is this simple thank you enough to step out? Many, including Perez Hilton, believe it is.

Photos: With their two kids, at a party together and the cover of Out Magazine earlier this year.

No photo credit available for family pic. AEDT took the other one.

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