Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Baseball Fever

The Red Socks won the World Series. I've never been a huge baseball fan, but my whole family is from Boston, so I thought I'd tune into the game so we would have something to talk about over Thanksgiving. What I saw shocked and amazed me. I mean, I'd heard of switch hitters, but I thought it had something to do with batting. Not bisexuals. But apparently, baseball is full of guys who like other guys. And they had no qualms about showing it.

Here's just a few examples of what I saw:

As the pitcher prepared to throw the ball, the ump pulled on his crotch. As if on cue, the catcher crouched down behind home plate. The hunky umpire sidled up behind him and gently placed his hand on the catcher’s back. The ump wiggled in a little closer.

Sure, I’d heard about the sport. Making it to first base, hitting a home run. Striking out. I thought those were euphemisms. I began to see, this game really is about sex!

But it wasn't just the catcher and the ump. The pitcher was involved too. He was staring at the catcher’s crotch as the catcher was making some kind of obscene gesture in front of his privates. Was this man’s mother watching? Even the pitcher seemed disgusted, he kept shaking his head no, as if to say, save it for later, in the locker room. Finally the catcher stopped with the gestures and the pitcher nodded, good, lets get back to playing the game and threw out a pitch.

Who knew this was going on! When pro ball player Billy Bean came out, he said there were plenty of gay men playing baseball. Well, duh! That's pretty obvious! I just didn't know there were as many gay men playing baseball as there were lesbians playing softball.

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brazilian said...

go bosox!

i spent my eves watching the game at newoldlompoc on 23rd.