Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Can We Talk?

Lipstick and I are so excited that tomorrow we're going to be hosting a National Coming Out day event at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, OR. We've put together a fun little show, a little Ellen Degeneres, a little Jay Leno, a little Letterman.

If you work for Nike, be sure to come on over to the Tiger Woods Center and laugh along with us and meet gay allies, CEO Mark Parker, Heidi O'Neill and a few fun and out Nike employees.

We wish we could invite all of you to come, because this is Lipstick & Dipstick as you have never seen them. But due to the high demand -- okay due to Nike policy -- only Nike employees are allowed to attend. We're hoping to get a tape of the show that we can share with you all here.

Regardless, don't forget to come out to someone on Thursday. I'm still racking my brain trying to find someone who doesn't know. Maybe I'll send out a spam. There's bound to be someone out there in cyberland who doesn't know Dipstick is a dyke.

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