Monday, May 5, 2008

East Coast Tour :: The Final Hours

DIPSTICK: At last, our east coast tour--and the book tour in general--is officially over. We wrapped this up today in Northampton at our final reading at Pride and Joy Books. Thanks to all who came by today as we hung out, did a short reading and signed books.

LIPSTICK: Yeah, it was a lovely day here in Northampton. This morning I went for a long run around downtown and around Smith College's campus. It's a gorgeous campus, lots of super old buildings and history. The all-girls college is notoriously hard to get into. Julia Childs also atteneded school here, so did famed feminist Gloria Steinem.

Our next president, Hilary Clinton, attended Wellesley, which is nearby.

DIPSTICK: Now that the tour is officially over, we are going to take a few days off to relax and decompress.* Thanks to everyone who's come out to see us at one of our events, and especially all of our friends (and family) along the way that have supported us on this big endeavor.

LIPSTICK: Indeed, we couldn't have done this book tour without you! What a long, strange (and fabulously fun) trip it's been!

* Blogging will resume Friday.

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Anonymous said...

We Smithies prefer that Wellsley not be mentioned in the same paragraph as Smith, unless it's to insult those's just common courtesy.