Monday, September 24, 2007

Ashleigh for President!

How about Ashleigh Flynn for President?

I still think Hillary would love some girl-on-girl, but how can she let herself go there? She's going to be the next President for christsakes. She may not currently be engaging in cunnilingus, but I'm confident she'd love a little taco for lunch if it was on the menu of things she was allowed to eat.

Which reminds me, did you see her on Meet the Press yesterday? I TIVOed it and watched it last night. Damn that woman is eloquent and smart. She is ALWAYS on her game. I wondered if she ever lets it all hang out. I'd like to see her drunk at Super Bowl party with money riding on the game. Do you think she ever drops the F-bomb?

Who knows if Hillary is really a lezbot, but I know plenty of homos who would vote against gay marriage - especially if they don't realize they're gay or are deeply ashamed by their sexual impulses. Look at Senator Craig. Look at Mark Foley. Look at Ted Haggard. The list goes on and on. And those are only the ones who've gotten caught with their pants down.

I have a very strong opinion regarding the root of all this newsworthy drama. Those who are most vehement toward the gay community, those who would vote for anything anti-gay have MAJOR unresolved issues surrounding their own sexuality. They're usually the BIGGEST closet cases themselves. Sexuality is not to be feared...unless you've got something deep and buried inside yourself.

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