Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Clock is Ticking

And that doesn't mean I'm ready to have a baby. It means I'm going stir crazy as I wait to hear back from literary agents about the arm I cut off and sent them.

I'll back up a minute. About a month ago, I finished my first novel. It's a super sexy story about two girls--Grace and Caroline--who fall in love. Here's the synopsis:

Have you ever had a secret? One that climbed through your window at night?

Caroline Dillon had one of those secrets--the kind you wouldn’t dare write in your diary. Her secret: Grace Dunlop, a fellow debutante who blew Caroline’s world apart like a stick of dynamite when they fell in love.

As their childhood friendship--one touched by the country club, best friend charms and black tie balls-ignites into a fiery kiss, they’re thrown into a world of underground passion as they try and keep their relationship a secret. From stealing kisses in bathroom stalls to purposefully bringing guys to their sorority house, these femme lovers do everything they can to throw people off their blazing trail. But are they fooling everyone? And are they able to withstand the heat?

High Fidelity meets Legally Blonde and Personal Best, this sexy manuscript is loosely centered on the jukebox at a Scottsdale dive bar. Deeply in love and in the closet, Caroline and Grace rely on the music to communicate, sending cryptic messages across the smoky room to one another with each song. The jukebox is initially the apple, the forbidden fruit they offer each other in the shaded lyrics.

As the closet door becomes too hot to handle, Caroline and Grace’s sizzling love affair is prematurely squelched…but deep beneath the rubble, the coals are still burning, and it’s not until a decade later, when they’ve both settled into their lives, that they meet again and are forced to deal with the smoldering ruins.

Are you salivating yet? Well, as I type, fates wheels are turning as I wait to hear back from a few literary agents I've sent the story to. So, soon, hopefully it will be at a bookstore near you. Currently, I'm also burning the midnight oil as I adapt it into a screenplay (more on that later).

Have any of you ever been through this agonizing process? Does anyone out there have any good literary agent connections? If so, I'd love to hear from you:



Chris said...

Hi Lipstick, first, I can't wait to read your book, sounds INTENSE! Second, I feel your pain. I'm trying to be patient as my house sells, or in reality, ISN'T selling. I'm at the mercy of the market. My life is in limbo, and I really can't do anything, but wait. So much hinges on the sale: debt paid off, new car and more importantly, moving my daughters and I to a new city with my g/ again, I'm waiting. As for a literary agent, my father has just finished writing a book about the templer knights, incredible book. It has romance, history and ALOT of action!! He just signed w/ a couple who are agents as well as writers here in NC. If your interested in the contact info, let me know!! Best of luck to you,


Lipstick said...

Hi Chris

Thanks for dropping a note. Shoot me an email and let's talk: