Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney's the "Bomb"

And she blew up all over the crowda at the MTV Video Music Awards last night. Okay, if you haven’t seen herperformance, watch it below and then read on...

Unlike most people today, I, for one, feel horribly sorry for Britney Spears. She really needed this performance to be a ringer, and, as you can see, she missed the horseshoe pit altogether. Not only did she forget how to lip-sync, but she also looks like she’s in a drug-induced stupor up there doing half-assed dance moves. Also unlike most people on the internet today, who claim Britney is out of shape and [gasp!] fat, I thought the only good thing about her performance was her hot body. To say she looked out of shape is a travesty. The meat on her bones looked awesome, don’t ya think?

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Hatshepsut said...

I was shaking my head in dismay as I viewed the pathetic "comeback". Britney's eyes all glazed, half-assed dance moves, forgetting to lip sync. WTF is all I have to say. WTF?!?! Get the eff together, Brit! And if you can't, then please do us all a favor and continue to be a hot mess in private.