Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dipstick's Cat Herbie

My cat Herbie likes birds. So do I. As a matter of fact, I have several bird feeders and a bird bath to entice them into my yard. But I thought it was cruel that she was catching them. After I pried a frightened, but unharmed goldfinch from her jaws, I decided it was time put a bell around her neck.

The warning bell seems to be working, because she hasn’t caught any birds since. She has, however, moved on to mice. Which is fine with me, I don’t really like mice and I’m not enticing them into my yard.

The only problem is, when Herbie catches a mouse, the first thing she does is run through her kitty door into the house with it. Where she promptly drops it on the floor. Still alive.

At which point my dog Rocky gets involved. He chases Herbie and the mouse hightails it. Usually under a bookcase or the fridge. The other night I heard a kafuffle. I knew it was Herbie with a mouse again. Under my dresser. She and the dog, keeping vigil. I don’t think it’s ever come out. I can only imagine one day I’m going to reach for a pair of socks to find a little mouse nestled in a pair of my smartwool hikers.

But the worst has already happened. One day my wife Tiger went down for an afternoon nap. The screams from the bedroom clearly announced what had happened. Yup, right under her pillow. You can bet I shake the sheets out before I climb into bed these days.

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Casha Henderson said...

Something's wrong with the way you raised your cat; mine brings home pizza. Never eaten it though – just pretended to keep the little guy happy. Critters hey!