Thursday, November 15, 2007

Somebody Get Me a Bag of Ice

Because I just fell out of my chair and hit my head when I heard Anne Murray's new duet with KD Lang. Not to mention her singing Danny's Song with Martina McBride. And a song with Jann Arden. And Emmylou Harris. And Carole King. And Nelly Furtado. And Olivia Newton-John. And the Indigo Girls. Seriously, someone pinch me. I feel like I'm in lezbo heaven.

If you're an Anne Murray fan (and, I must admit, I am an even bigger fan of hers than Barry's--they are my top two) you probably already knew she was working on a duets album. The bad news is it doesn't come out until January. The good news is you can hear all of these dyke-liciuos songs (in their entirety) on her website. Consider this an early Christmas present.

Anne Murray or die,

PS: When is she going to come out of the closet?

UPDATE (11/17): Texas just informed me that--duh--you can buy the cd through her website, where it says "CD Available, Buy it Now". I guess you just can't buy it anywhere else until Jan.

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