Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Fans Chris & Christy

I met Chris & Christy (via email) before Exes and Ohs was ever aired on TV. But now, every time I see the show I think of them. If you haven't seen Exes and Ohs on Logo, there's a couple named Chris and Kris who are my favorite part of the show. They remind me of so many lesbian couples I know who fall into what we like to call "Lesbian Twin Syndrome."

I wonder if Chris & Christy wear matching sweaters, end each other sentences and have let their hair grow into the same style. When they go shopping for rain coats, does Chris get the blue one and Christy the red, of the same brand and style? Aside from sharing the close to the same name, I have faith that our fans Chris & Christy have better boundaries than that. But there are some of you out there who are dangerously close to becoming lesbian twins. Chances are you don't even see it.

To help you prevent Lesbian Twin Syndrome here are the Top 10 Things Dipstick says Lesbian Couples Should Never Do:

1. Poop when she’s in the bathroom. (ich!)
2. Always invite her to hang out with your friends.
3. Go somewhere or do something with her that you don’t really want to do. (Every once in a while is okay, but don’t make this a habit.)
4. Buy matching outfits.
5. Sell off your Ricky Martin CDs because she doesn’t like him.
6. Share underwear.
7. Share a Myspace page.
8. Share a diary.
9. Speak for both of you, saying things like, “We feel.. We think, etc.”
10. Buy a bicycle built for two.


Anonymous said...

My partner and I are both plus sized, so we have limited options in clothing. We do share items of clothing, but never underwear. We also have similar sounding names, and work really hard to maintain separate looks, even when we really like the other's new haircut.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I are total opposites when it comes to how we dress and such. I love getting dressed up, getting my hair and nails done and putting on makeup. For her the closest she ever comes to makeup is chapstick. I love the fact that she is low maintenance in that department, its part of the reason why I was attracted to her. I like that we are two distinct individuals, no one would ever confuse us for one another or say we are morphing into one another. We recognize our differences and we celebrate them- not try and change them. And the idea of her being in the bathroom while I am using the facilities just skives me out. Some things are just better left alone.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't a bicycle built for two be a romantic thing that you do together once in a while? :)

Dipstick said...

About the bicycle
You can rent one when you're on vacation in Martha's Vineyard--that's it. And make sure your helmets don't match!

alley said...

how about a bicycle built for 4?