Monday, November 19, 2007

Look Out World :: Here We Come!

"Get out the map, get out the map
And lay your finger anywhere down.
We'll leave the figuring to those we pass
On the way out of town..."

Get ready world, because Lipstick & Dipstick are coming to a town near you. That's right, Lipstick and I met last week to plan our upcoming book tour. Nothing is set in stone yet, but it's looking like we'll be in Whistler for Winter Pride in February, plus a few Portland area appearances.

March we'll hit Seattle and San Francisco.

April we'll head to the sunny Southwest and visit Palm Springs, Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, LA and Tucson, AZ.

Later on in April and early May, we'll cross New York State and Massachusetts, visiting friends and family in Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, NYC, Boston and Northampton.

Not to miss the heat and humidity, we'll tour the mid-west in July, hitting places like Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis and Milwaukee, WI.

Of course, we'll also make gay pride appearances all throughout June. As things firm up, we'll post them here and send out email reminders.

In the meantime, all you Eugene, OR ladies, be sure to come and see us at the Hot Flash Dance. Eugene Hot Flash is held at the Indigo District on December 8th from 5-9pm. We'll be signing our books and will read an excerpt. Plus, I'm sure we'll have a few open slots on our dance cards. Let's get this party started!!

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