Thursday, November 8, 2007

What Happens in Vegas...

Stays in Vegas. Except for these little details from our trip to sin city:

We hit the city big this week to celebrate Nana's 82nd birthday. And what a time we had. After checking into the Wynn, Texas, Nana, my parents and I, hit their casino and hit it hard. Blackjack is Texas and my game and we don't mess around. We're all business until the dealer busts or one of us draws a blackjack. And then anything goes. Hoots and hollers, whistles, high fives or even a smooch at the table.

Overall, we did give sin city all of their chips back, but had a kick ass time losing. Doesn't that count for something? To us it does. Nana won, which was fitting, since it was her big birthday.

Aside from the endless games of blackjack we played, other highlights from our Vegas trip include: Naps by the pool. Ahhh. The sun was out and it was a scorcher to these Oregonians, especially this time of year. Although it was brave for Texas and I to put these painfully white bodies in bathing suits, we couldn't resist. Everyone needs Vitamin D that doesn't come in a multi-vitamin every now in then.

Le Reve was also a highlight, although we all agreed that O was far better. There was some girl on girl in Le Reve, however, which earned it some extra points from all of us, even Nana. Even though she's straight, she loves her some lesbian action. Not only is one of her granddaughters/soul mates a lesbo (me!), she also loves the L Word and has just discovered Exes and Ohs (on her own!). She's a great ally.

The world stopped turning on the last night when we stepped into the Las Vegas Hilton to see Barry Manilow. Holy Hell does that man put on a great show! We were all huge Barry fans going in and Nana was especially wooed by him. You probably wouldn't guess this, but I'm a biggest Fanilow out there, second only to Nana. Texas took me several years ago and I actually shook Barry's hand. I took some video for you to enjoy below. The first one is when Barry came out. The second when he sang "Even Now" and then when he ended up over our heads singing Copacabana on a jutting bridge. Fucking awesome!

Other mentionables:

- A great dinner at The Country Club (at the Wynn). The best steak ever.

- Spending quality time with my parents and Nana.

- Texas and I were at the Imperial Palace very late one night and this drunk chick (she left the table at one point to puke--Texas heard her in the bathroom) yelled across the table to Texas: YOU HAVE HUGE BOOBS! Texas had just hit a blackjack and had thrown her arms up, prompting the girl to notice and comment. It was hilarious. She was a frickin' mess. Knocking over her chips and burning holes in the felt. Classic.

- We were at Harrah's one afternoon, again, playing BJ, when the dealer asked Texas and I if were related (for the tenth time that trip). It happens ALL the time. No one ever assumes we're a couple. Ever.

"Sisters?" the man said.
"No," Texas sighed, rolling her eye. "Try again."
With that, the dealer, kidding and very dramatically said:
"Are you lessssbian lovvvvvers?"
"Yes!" I exclaimed. "Bingo!"

The table was kind of quiet after that.


Crissy said...


I found your blog this morning and just loved your recap of your Vegas trip. Your nana sounds like my grandmother when it comes to Barry; she once told me the man has bedroom eyes and she was close to 80 at the time. It seems no woman can resist that man! I'm glad you had such a great time in Vegas.

kellie said...

People always ask if my partner and I are related. Sometimes they ask if we are twins, which is extra creepy. So annoying.

Dipstick said...

Uh Oh Kellie

Lesbian Twin Syndrome. Please read this post about how to get your life back on track!

Hatshepsut said...

Nana rocks! I wonder if you guys ever made it to O'Shea's for a game of War where evvvverybody wins? ;)