Friday, August 10, 2007

Nike here we come!

Dipstick and I went to lunch last week at Nike (where, I should add, our server was drooling over Dipstick...classic!) with some folks who would like us to help them out for National Coming Out Day. They've asked us to host a playful talk show (Ellen-style) for their National Coming Out Day Celebration at Nike World Headquarters. It sounds like a hoot and Dipstick and I are already working on our 10-minute monologue, as well as things we can do with the guests throughout the show. Guests include Nike's CEO, other executives and a high profile athlete (TBA). This photo was snapped as they gave us the 10 cent tour of the Nike campus, which is UNBELIEVABLE! We're standing in front of a baseball player made out of random pieces of sporting equipment. They spared no expense when they built and designed that place. The 16 buildings (178 acres, including gyms, trails, tennis courts and fields) at world headquarters are a soft-spoken testimony to the beauty of sports. Each building is named after an athlete who is key to Nike's growth over the years.

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