Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Thinks Lesbians Just Can't Find a Man

Have you seen this clip? During a recent episode of The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck said that she thinks the reason lesbians come out later in life is because they just can't find a man.

Check it out!

What do you guys think?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love is Love

I've seen a lot of ads for marriage equality, but for some reason this one got to me. It's from Basic Rights Oregon, our state-wide gay rights organization. They're raising money to put gay marriage up for a vote in Oregon, probably in 2012, to overturn anti-gay amendment. But first they're running campaigns like this one on cable TV stations. If all works out as we plan, Oregon could be the first state to legalize gay marriage by a popular vote.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Friend Kristin Wants to Be Top Guru

Ever want to quit your job, sell your house and travel? Who hasn’t? Our friend Kristin Flickinger, did just that. Now she’s in the running for a dream job with And she needs your help.

GayTravel is looking for a North American Gay Travel Guru. Kristin is hot. Don’t believe me? Go check her out. Then vote for her.

You must be signed in to vote, so make sure you create a profile and then activate it by checking your email. To vote for Kristin, Click "Guru" in the upper right hand corner, then "VOTE!" on the left side, then look for her bikini and click on her application. Then click "vote for Kristin" at the top and rate her "5" to show the love. Finally, make sure to "share" and "retweet" at the top. All of these things will help make her the GayTravel Guru!

Here’s the best part: Vote, and then let Kristin know you did and you're entered to win a "tag along" trip with her if she becomes the Guru. She gets the gig, and someone gets to go along for part of it. Spread the word! Checkout for details.

Thank you all!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Help Curve Keep Publishing!

We know these are tough economic times. And print media is struggling to figure out its place in the wide world of instant internet gratification. If you value Curve magazine, the place that gave Lipstick & Dipstick it's start and the place that continues to publish our monthly column, please do what you can to help out.

This year Curve is celebrating it's 20th year. But unless the community comes out to support it, Curve will not make it to its 21st birthday. Curve is struggling financially. There are a few ways you can help.

Subscribe. And when you do, you're entered to win a trip to Cozumel with Sweet Vacations. Unlike most magazines that rely on advertising dollars to sustain them, Curve relies on its subscribers. So don't just pick an issue up at the newsstand. Become a regular subscriber.

Advertise. If you own a business, consider advertising in Curve magazine.

Buy your tickets to the 20th anniversary gala in San Francisco.

We love Curve and we know you do too. So please, do what you can. If you already subscribe, consider buying one for a friend.

Where would our community be without Curve?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kate McKinnon is ****ing Hilarious!

The comical genius Kate McKinnon is at it again--making us laugh our asses off. Recently, she was part of a skit about the BP oil spill (with the UBC Theater). The skit made its way to the Rachel Maddow Show. If you haven't seen it, you must! Go Kate! Keep on keeping on. We need humor in light of the unstoppable awfulness that is happening down south.

SF Pride 2010

It's been almost a week since SF Pride and I think I'm just recovering now. Wow, what a fun and fantastic time. For the first time since we've been writing for them, Curve magazine had a float in the San Francisco Pride parade. I was so excited when I got the call. Did I want to ride on the float? Are you kidding me? I wouldn't miss it!

But before Sunday and the parade began, I had a lot of other partying to get through. I arrived in SF Friday morning. I spend the afternoon with my friends, before heading over to the Olivia/Curve comedy night show with Dana Goldberg, Julie Goldman, Sandra Valls and Gina Yashere. I ran into many friends from past Olivia trips and laughed my little a** off. Then it was off to Tease to dance the night away. Perhaps I should have started pacing myself earlier.

I had to be up early the next morning to join my friends over in Delores Park because I was helping out on stage at the Dyke March. My good friend Retts is stage manager and I volunteered to help out with stage crew. From noon until 7pm or so, we hustled ladies and dykes on and off the stage. Drummers and poets and politicians and singers and drag kings. What a lot of fun! I got to say hi to old friend Alix Dobkin and meet one of my butch Role Models, Phranc. The only bummer is we were wrapping things up at the stage and I missed the beginning of the march. The Dykes on Bikes. You know how Dipstick loves the Dykes on Bikes.

After a quick dinner and outfit change, it was time to head out for more dancing with Curve and Olivia. This time over at the Olivia headquarters where I got to hang out with new friends: Mikey from The Real L Word and Top Chef Josie. But the big thrill of the night was when a tall woman came up to me and said, "Hi, I'm Sheri Sam." As in, Sheri Sam, the amazing WNBA star. If there's one thing Dipstick likes better than Dykes on Bikes, it's women's basketball. What an amazing day this was turning out to be.

Lord knows what time it was by the time I got home to bed. And we had to meet at some corner at 10:15 am for the float. When I finally found the corner, I found the Curve ladies frantically gluing tissue paper and glitter to the Curve float. I grabbed a staple gun and got right to work.

I love coming down to San Francisco for Curve events, because I get to meet other Curve contributors, like the amazing photographer Cheryl Mazak and blogger Queerie Bradshaw. And of course, any time I get to hang out with Curve publisher Franco Stevens, it's a good day. Once the float was together, we relaxed a bit, practiced our butchest parade wave and watched all the beautiful people stroll by.

After about two hours of waiting, finally it was our turn! Our big cupcake float pulled out onto the street and the crowds were deafening. Our onboard DJ spun some old school Michael Jackson and of course, Pussy Cat Dolls. I waved and blew bubbles and looked for people I knew in the crowd while the ground crew handed out magazines to the crowd. The sun was out. We were happy and gay. And too quickly, it was over.

I headed back to my hotel room to rest up, because, no, oh no, there was still much more partying to be done. Met some new friends for Happy Hour, old friends for dinner and then we all went to see Red Hot Blues Sisters play in a small club downtown.

I stayed in San Francisco an extra day. I planned on spending some time hanging out and seeing the city. Instead, I got a late check-out from my hotel, met a friend for lunch and took the shuttle to the airport.

You can see why it took me so long to recover. I'm not as young as I once was. But still, Pride in San Francisco never gets old.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sweet: My Sister is a Star!

In the Life was aboard the Sweet Cruise that Lipstick & I were on in November. They made an awesome video and Dipstick's sister Mary Belge is interviewed. Check it out!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

It's Canada's Independence Day today and although it's cloudy out--boo!--it's sure to be a fabulous day. Here's hoping it burns off before my afternoon run.

We had a fantastic time in Portland last week visiting with friends and shooting the music video for Toby. Thanks again to everyone who came out for the fun. The sun was out, the voices were perfectly pitched and a great time was had by all, I think.