Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Countdown :: It's Here!

It's finally arrived! Halloween is upon us.

Are you guys ready for tonight? Texas and I are: In our front yard, there is a lit tombstone with crime tape around it, lots of cob webs (we went heavy this year), scary music, a strobe light, ghost luminaries and a fog machine. Young kids are going to cry when they walk up to our house, but remember it fondly years later when they work through their fear of Halloween (thanks to us) in therapy.

Beyond the decorations, I think it's important to remember the true meaning on Halloween today. Originating from the Pagan festival Samhain, Halloween is by far the gayest holiday of the year, a night when even the most heterosexual meathead out there can throw on a skirt and apply his wife's lipstick (which he's always been curious about). So, dress up, little homos and bisexual kittens. It's our night to shine.

The pics: a group of friendly dyke dynamos dressed up, a pair of our brothers as the Ambiguously Gay Duo, and a great Halloween decorating idea. Lil' Minx brought this ghostly graveyard of lollipops over. They make a great hostess gift.

Send us your Halloween pics.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Baseball Fever

The Red Socks won the World Series. I've never been a huge baseball fan, but my whole family is from Boston, so I thought I'd tune into the game so we would have something to talk about over Thanksgiving. What I saw shocked and amazed me. I mean, I'd heard of switch hitters, but I thought it had something to do with batting. Not bisexuals. But apparently, baseball is full of guys who like other guys. And they had no qualms about showing it.

Here's just a few examples of what I saw:

As the pitcher prepared to throw the ball, the ump pulled on his crotch. As if on cue, the catcher crouched down behind home plate. The hunky umpire sidled up behind him and gently placed his hand on the catcher’s back. The ump wiggled in a little closer.

Sure, I’d heard about the sport. Making it to first base, hitting a home run. Striking out. I thought those were euphemisms. I began to see, this game really is about sex!

But it wasn't just the catcher and the ump. The pitcher was involved too. He was staring at the catcher’s crotch as the catcher was making some kind of obscene gesture in front of his privates. Was this man’s mother watching? Even the pitcher seemed disgusted, he kept shaking his head no, as if to say, save it for later, in the locker room. Finally the catcher stopped with the gestures and the pitcher nodded, good, lets get back to playing the game and threw out a pitch.

Who knew this was going on! When pro ball player Billy Bean came out, he said there were plenty of gay men playing baseball. Well, duh! That's pretty obvious! I just didn't know there were as many gay men playing baseball as there were lesbians playing softball.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Countdown :: Two Days and Counting

Last evening, our cat, Shamus O'Henry helped Texas and I put up our scary orange Halloween lights on the front porch. He was a big help. Tomorrow it's all about the spider webs.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Countdown :: Three Days Left


I'm super excited because this week is Halloween and it's one of my absolute favorite holidays. I've already got my costume ready (don't tell Texas*, but I'm going to be a naughty cop). Her costume is also a secret. Not only do we always get dressed up for the kids who knock on our door (they bus them into our neighborhood), but I trick out the front yard for days. Stay tuned for more details about that this week.

We carved our punkins last night. Mine is attached.

If you haven't gotten into the spirit yet, the time is now! Git on it.

* Texas is Lipstick's wife.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Thank You Seattle!

Dipstick and I had a great time in Seattle this last weekend emceeing the Girl-4-Girl benefit Rock Against Cancer. We met lots of fans and sold our book, hot off the press.


Hope to be in your neck of the woods soon.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Question:: Falling Down a Hole

Have you ever accidentally sent an email the wrong person? You know, you were ranting about your ex-lover and somehow her address ended up in the out box and she found out everything you said about her. Well it seems that is what happened here. Except the unexpected recipient was us, Lipstick & Dipstick. Here is a letter we recently received:

Okay, so I'm kind of dating this girl. We talk everyday. We see one another a lot, we kiss, flirt, all the stuff that goes along with dating. We do not have sex. Just thought I would throw that out there before you think I'm more horrible then you will in a minute. There's only one problem. She's been in a relationship for 8 yrs with her girlfriend. They have two kids. They've broken up a few times. There's been infidelity issues, and they no longer have sex. While I respect the fact that I am a complete and total schmuck for getting involved with a woman that's in a relationship, at the same time I don't want to let her go. She's amazing. She keeps asking me where was I 5 months ago, the last time her and her girl split up. Is this one of those set it free, see if it comes back moments? Can we still be friends if she decides to fix things with her other half?

Falling Down A Hole

And this is our response:

Dear Falling:
You hit the nail on the head. It's one of those set it free and see if she comes back to you situations. This woman is very tangled in her other life and you are a distraction for her to deal with the issues that are going on there. She needs to deal with not only the issues of her relationship, but her own internal issues about why things didn't work out between them. As long as she has you to distract her, she won't get to those.

And while we're on issues, you should also take this time to reflect on what it is inside you that allowed you to get involved with someone who is unavailable. You can joke and say it's because you're a schmuck, but my guess is it's something deeper.

Warning: if she is not able to be faithful to one lover, chances are shewon't be able to be faithful to you either. My bet is, it's best for you to move on from this lady and far. Friendship is probably not an option at this point. Maybe in the future when you're both clearer about what has drawn you to each other.
Lipstick & Dipstick

It seems Falling forwarded our answer to the lady mentioned above. When said lady replied to Falling, she accidentally cc’ed us. Reading her response, I’m even more concerned for Falling. God brought them together? Oh My!
Oh and she sent it from her work. Not the brightest. I hope her boss wasn’t cc’ed too! Read on:

First of all you weren't completely honest with them I would NEVER cheat on YOU...You cheated on me remember, I understand this blanket situation but Alix we both know God brought us together, life is supernatural and NOT blanket between us. Once a cheater always a cheater.... do you really believe that? Because if you do then you will cheat on me again.... let’s think about OUR story not others stories. When I cheated on Sarah it was because I was alone and didn't know better nature vs. nurture, my mom has cheated lied been married 8 times, had five engagement rings at one time then she had her accident and when all five men were at the hospital, there I was 12 years old scared confused alone, almost lost my mom, her face was gone they had to reconstruct everything, imagine that an only child, my only mom, dead on the bed, glass protruding from her face her arms, blood everywhere, her face the size of a watermelon and me there alone with five men who loved her, who hated her, I was lost, and I had secrets, secrets of incest, secrets of love in my dreams, secrets of sexuality ,It took years to recover, some days I'm still wounded, I NEVER thought about ever leaving just settling, I know I'm not ugly I know some women find me attractive and some have tempted me but I said NO NO, then you, your light set me free.....I fell in love with you the moment I saw you....That moment my life changed forever, I was forever in love with you.....don't trivialize my feelings for you Alix, it's NOT BLANKET, it's supernatural!

Now that you know the whole story. What would you say to Falling and her married girlfriend?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Finally! A Place for Lesbian Travelers!

Check this new website for lesbian travelers: GIRLPORTS.COM! I met the creator/publisher in Montreal last spring when I was on a Curve press trip. She rocks!

Girlports, Your Worldwide Girl Guide is Now Online

MONTREAL, CANADA October 2, 2007- Girlports (, the first travel information website exclusively for lesbians and bisexual women, launched today. The site provides lesbian-centric listings for destinations around the world with everything from bars and nightclubs to social and sporting groups, restaurants and more.

Girlports was launched by Tanya Churchmuch, a longtime broadcast and print journalist and public relations veteran, as a result of her own frustration with the lack of resources available to lesbian travelers. “It’s so annoying for lesbians looking for easily accessible, up-to-date travel information written just for them, especially free travel information,” said Churchmuch. “Many websites sell themselves as providing resources for the LGBT traveler, but unfortunately, the “G” always seems to win out. I figured if nobody else was going to create the resource I wanted, I’d have to do it myself.”

Beyond general listings, Girlports also offers a number of interactive tools to assist women in their travels, including a unique travel planner called the Girlports Passport. This Passport helps you keep track of listings you’re interested in and has a mapping feature. The Passport can be printed, sent via email, and as of December 1, 2007, accessed via mobile phone.

Other site functions include an audio translation tool allowing users to both read and hear words and phrases not found in traditional guide books, user comments, a comprehensive annual events calendar and more to come.

Girlports launches with listings for 19 destinations on five continents, and new destinations will be added at least once every two months. Cities already on Girlports will also be constantly updated, with a ticker tape soon to be added announcing the latest additions and changes.

Girlports is owned and operated by Girlports Services Inc., an independent, lesbian-owned company based in Montreal, Canada.

For more information, contact

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Top 5 Signs You Might Be a Butch

The other night I went to see a great movie at the Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. It was called Butch Jamie. If you have the chance, go see it. It got me thinking. Recently there has been a dearth of butches in Hollywood. I had to go back all the way to 1995 and The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love to find a butch in a movie. You remember, cute Randy Dean, played by Laurel Holloman.

And look what they did to her! They femmed her all out and made her Tina Kinnard on The L Word. What kind of message is that sending to baby butches out there?

So, it occurred to me that without any real representation, there just might be some butches out there, who are butch and just don’t know it.
So here are Dipstick’s Top Five Signs you may be butch:

1. Your favorite number is 501.
2. You believe a black leather jacket goes with any outfit. (It does)
3. You’ve never paid more than $20 for a hair cut.
4. When you say you’re packing, you’re not necessarily going on a trip.
5. Your gift registry is at Home Depot.

Dipstick with Butch Jamie director/writer/star Michelle Ehlen

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lead in Lipstick

Yikes! Fellow Lipsticks: BEWARE! If you haven't heard, check out the below article about unsafe lead levels in certain lipsticks!

Lipstick wears only MAC lipsticks and so should you. They scored the lowest in lead amounts, but still, ewe. Why do they put lead in there anyway?

Read it.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Kimberly Dark in Portland Tonight!

Hey all you Portland peeps. If you don't have plans tonight, make sure you head over to In Other Words Bookstore at 8 NE. Killingsworth and see this amazing performance artist Kimberly Dark. From In Other Words, "Kimberly Dark's writings and performances have delighted and incited audiences at theaters and universities across North America and Europe. Her themes explore gender, sexuality, abuse, poverty and education. Her work blends humor, poetry, story telling, education and social research to stimulate critical analysis around the culture in which we live. Don't miss this exciting and stimulating event."

Kimberly is an amazing story teller, in the old fashioned sense. Yet her stories are nothing but modern and queer. Tales of tough butches, high class femmes, strippers, sexuality and culture are capture our culture like few can. Take this recommendation from Dipstick. You won't be disappointed. or In Other Words for more info.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

We Were in Paradise

Well, okay, not exactly, but we did enjoy meeting Michelle Paradise earlier this week at the Portland premiere of her new show on Logo Exes & Ohs. If you haven't seen this yet, be sure to Tivo it because it's very well written and stars its creator, Michelle Paradise. The photo was snapped after Dipstick and I introduced the show to the crowd at the Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Also in the pic are Chris, from Logo, and Yvonne from the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ellen & Puppy Saga Part 2

I just can't get enough of this Ellen and the case of the misplaced puppy. On the one hand, I have sympathy for Ellen, she was just trying to do what she thought was right and give this doggie a good home. But on the other hand, she did sign a contract that must have said something about her not just placing this dog in a new home. Who are the real victims here? The poor little girls? The puppy? Ellen? Or the pet rescue organization. Weigh in with your comments below.

Bitch Bitch Bitch!

Bitch Magazine Art Show & Fundraiser

Bitch Magazine has arrived in Oregon! The magazine, which recently relocated to Portland from San Francisco, is hosting a fabulous event next weekend—mark it on your calendars! If you don’t know Bitch, you should! It’s the feminist response to pop culture! And Curve’s Executive Editor, Diane Anderson-Minshall, was just appointed to their Board of Directors! Rock on Diane!

Hosted by the HILARIOUS Marie Fleischmann, the event will be at the Ace Hotel on Oct. 20th (the same night, unfortunately, of L & D’s Seattle event—but you should still go!). There will be an art show and auction featuring paintings, drawings, and multimedia from an array of locally and nationally known artists and Bitch contributors. Check it out girls and boys!


Saturday Oct. 20th
The Cleaners
Ace Hotel


Tickets $15 - $45 (sliding scale)

For more, go HERE.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ellen DeGeneres and the Puppy

While Lipstick is posting all those cute animal stories. I thought I'd throw in a tragedy. It seems Ellen DeGeneres, famed lesbian and animal lover, has put a poor puppy’s life in jeopardy. She’s remorseful. But can the puppy be saved?

The Ties that Bind Us

An unlikely bond between two animals
An unlikely bond between two animals

I know, I know. I've been all about animals lately, but my friend Lil' Minx told me about this sweet segment on the Today show last week and I had to hunt it down. It's about Owen and Mzee and it's such a heart-warming story and a powerful message about friendship. Thanks Minx!

This story reminds me of the invisible strings that that exist between friends/soul mates. I have an amazing circle of friends--both old and new--but I'm surprisingly still very close to all the girls I went to grade school and high school with. We were called the "Posse" and even had t-shirts made up senior year. (See included pic--can you guess which one is me?) Even though most of us only see one another during the holidays, I still chat with them often and feel close to them every day. (FYI, I'm the only lesbian and the only one who's hasn't given birth.) The older I get, the more I realize how rare our intense bonds are. Most people I come across only keep in touch with one or two people from their childhood, if any. Most purposefully don't keep in touch, especially my queer brothers and sisters.

So what is it that makes us so special? I'm not sure, but what I do know is that I am fiercely protective of them and I would fly across the world if any of them were in trouble. All they'd have to do is say the word.

As Marlene Dietrich once said: "It's the friends you can call up at 4 AM that matter."

And it's the damn truth!

Monday, October 15, 2007

So Glad We Live in Oregon

Earlier this year, in a historic vote, the Oregon Legislature passed two monumental gay rights bills. The first creates domestic partnerships, which grant all the state rights of marriage to committed gay and lesbian couples. The second creates a non-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation and gender identity.

But the weird thing about Oregon is that even if the legislature passes a law, people who oppose it can put it on the ballot for a popular vote. All they have to do is collect a certain number of signatures. Like 55,000 in this case. We just found out that the anti's failed to collect enough signatures to put our rights on the ballot. The law passed by our elected officials stands!

Beginning January 1, 2008, no longer will gays, lesbians and trans people be fired from their jobs simply for who they are. No longer will restaurants have the right to refuse to serve us. No longer will lesbian couples be refused rooms at hotels on the coast because they walk up to the counter holding hands.

Beginning January 1, 2008, gay and lesbian couples who choose to enter into a domestic partnership will get all the privileges, immunities, rights and benefits given to married couples in Oregon.

Yea Oregon! We Love You!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

They've Arrived!

We received our advanced copies this week, so bookstores should be getting them any day now. Stay tuned for details on our upcoming publicity blitz.

In case you haven’t heard, in Lipstick & Dipstick’s Essential Guide to Lesbian Relationships, the butch and femme offer their punchy advice about how to have a successful lesbian partnership. If you like the column in Curve, you’ll love the book!

Read excerpts.

To pre-order and jump start your relationship, go here.

Get your copy today!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dipstick & The Nobel Peace Prize

(Pic of Dipstick with her friend Jo Jo on The Great Peace March in 1986)

Congratulations to Al Gore for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I was excited to learn Al won for his ground-saving work on global warming. But here's something I bet you didn't know. Dipstick was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.


Back in 1986, when I was but a tiny baby dyke, I walked across America in The Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament. About 1200 of us headed out from Los Angeles, CA on March 1, 1986 enroute to Washington, DC. Along the way, we walked and talked with everyone we met about world peace and the nuclear arms race.

I was part of a small subgroup called the Women's Collective, which worked within the community to talk about connection of feminism and peace. Yes, it was the 80s. I'm sure if we were marching now, there would be an LGBT collective.

As part of that group, we organized something called "Marcher in the Home," where we would hook up and stay with people in the communities that we walked through. I helped organize homestays for lesbians with lesbians all across America. Which was awesome because we got to meet amazing women doing great work in their own communities, plus take hot showers. Most days we walked 15-20 miles and bedded down in our tents in a farmers field.

Anyway, we made it to Washington, DC on November 15th, 1986 after walking through California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and finally into Washington, DC for a huge rally at the Capitol.

The Great Peace March was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. Alas, we didn't win. Elie Wiesel won for his great work about the Holocaust. But yes, we were nominated.

Take a listen to some of the amazing music created by Wild Wimmin for Peace a band of powerful and talented female marchers.

In honor of Dipstick and Al Gore, do something to make the world a more peaceful place today.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Portland's Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

It's my favorite time of year. Time for Portland's Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. My friends make fun of me all the time because I don't really like movies. I know, I know, who doesn't "like" movies? It's just that there's so many other things I would rather do on a Sunday afternoon or Saturday night than sit in a dark movie theater for two hours.

But there is one major exception. I LOVE gay and lesbian movies. Doesn't matter how bad, how tragic or how poorly acted, I will go see any gay and lesbian movie that comes out. Maybe it's because I feel like I finally see a bit of my life reflected on the screen.

My favorite place to see gay and lesbian movies is at the Lesbian & Gay Film festival. I love walking up Northwest 21st Avenue toward Cinema 21 and seeing the hot lesbians and gay guys lined up to see the films. I see old friends, catch up on gossip and then get to see a great queer film. Or a mediocre film. It doesn't really matter to me. I just LOVE it. The smell of the popcorn. The creaky seats. The filmmakers who fly in to introduce their films. There is usually such a variety of films, sometimes it can be hard to decide which to go to.

Well, let me make it easy on you this year. Lipstick and I have been invited to introduce two of the films. The first is this Sunday October 14th, 6pm at Cinema 21. Kate Clinton: 25th Anniversary Tour. It's playing with the new Logo lesbian sit-com Exes and Ohs. Michelle Paradise, writer and star of Exes and Ohs will be in attendance.

Then come out again on Tuesday October 16th 7pm to see Butch Jamie. Dipstick will be on hand to introduce that film. Lipstick was invited, but I think she was intimidated to be in a room with that many butches.

And best of all, at each of the filmings, you'll have a chance to be one of the first to buy our new book--hot off the presses. Come on out and show your support for LGBT filmmakers and queer arts.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oh Cabaret!

Last night we saw the most amazing show at the Armory in Portland. Go see Cabaret! Wade McCollum stars in it along with Storm Large, of CBS’s Rock Star: SuperNova fame. You dykes all remember her, right?? She is lezbo-licious!

Wade is a dear friend and, I must say, stole the show as the infamous "emcee". Mid-century Europe never got any wilder than at the infamous Kit Kat Klub, where the story takes flight. With the club’s star, Sally Bowles, trying to hold her emotional life and disintegrating career together, relationships all around her dance, collide and eventually explode.

Wade is in black in the group shot. The second one if of he and Storm Large.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Can We Talk?

Lipstick and I are so excited that tomorrow we're going to be hosting a National Coming Out day event at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, OR. We've put together a fun little show, a little Ellen Degeneres, a little Jay Leno, a little Letterman.

If you work for Nike, be sure to come on over to the Tiger Woods Center and laugh along with us and meet gay allies, CEO Mark Parker, Heidi O'Neill and a few fun and out Nike employees.

We wish we could invite all of you to come, because this is Lipstick & Dipstick as you have never seen them. But due to the high demand -- okay due to Nike policy -- only Nike employees are allowed to attend. We're hoping to get a tape of the show that we can share with you all here.

Regardless, don't forget to come out to someone on Thursday. I'm still racking my brain trying to find someone who doesn't know. Maybe I'll send out a spam. There's bound to be someone out there in cyberland who doesn't know Dipstick is a dyke.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Today is the DAY!

We will be receiving the first shipment of our book today! Yahooo! They won't be in stores yet for another couple weeks, but very soon, you'll have your very own copy of our relationship guide if you... PRE-ORDER NOW!

In honor, I thought I'd post another teaser:

The Prologue

Beloved readers,

Welcome to our essential guide to lesbian relationships. It feels a bit odd to
be writing you a letter: usually, you’re the one holding the pen, pouring out
details about the trouble you’re having with your girlfriend, or pining
about the beautiful woman you see on your way to work whom you’re dying
to talk to. We’re here to say: We can help! You can have her, and you
can keep her, if you heed the advice in this book.

With over thirty years of relationship experience, we come to you like
an open book. Imagine that? Two open books within an open book. In the
following pages, we promise to be honest with you, we promise to dish out
our tough love strategies, while also being playful and tender. Wait, did we
just say we’d be tender? OK, there’s a lot more crass honesty than tenderness,
but we do our best to soften the blows. And that’s what you’re hungry
for anyway or you wouldn’t have picked up this sassy lesbian tome.

As usual, we offer no apologies for any offense taken about our positions
because we simply speak our truth. Take it or leave it, or shove it up
your ass if you want. We don’t care what you do with the book once you’re
done pilfering the pages, but maybe you’ll pass it on to your friend who
just can’t get herself together.

If you don’t know who we are, for shame: We’re advice columnists in
Curve magazine (the number one best-selling lesbian magazine in the nation)
by day, and prolific writers by night, trying to make it in this godforsaken
literary world. One of us is the butch, the other’s the femme. You
connect the dots.

Like our column in Curve, we’re not responsible for what you do with
our guidance. If, for example, you take Dipstick’s advice about seeking
revenge on your girlfriend’s ex-girlfriend, don’t call us to bail you out
of jail, or come after us next. Likewise, if, by chance, the Water Dancer
vibrator Lipstick suggests in the sex toy section gives you a little more
than a tickle in the hot tub—like deep frying your titties—please don’t sue us.

If you want your relationships to succeed, want to engage in healthy,
fruitful communication, and want to have lots of sex, then kick off
your shoes (your boots or your heels), relax, and listen up. You’ve
come to the
right place.

Yours truly,
Lipstick & Dipstick

PS: This book shouldn’t be used as a flotation device, a hot pad at the lesbian
potluck, or a doorstop. Read it, love it, and regurgitate it like it’s the
gospel. And be sure to brush up on your lesbian lingo in Lipstick & Dipstick’s
Gay Girl’s Glossary at the end.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Precious + Honey

I couldn't resist posting this:

Golden Retriever Nurses Stray Kitten

STEPHENS CITY, Va. (Oct. 8) - A stray kitten has found a new mother in a golden retriever, who began producing milk for the little feline after hearing its cries.

Honey hadn't given birth in 18 months, but after her owner, Jimmy Martin, brought home the kitten, she suddenly found herself playing mom.

"She started licking her and loving her. Within a couple of days, Honey started naturally lactating," said Kathy Martin, Jimmy's wife. "The kitten took right to her, and she started nursing her."

Jimmy Martin noticed the kitten, whom the family dubbed "Precious," about six weeks ago, when she ran in front of his concrete truck. After following her and realizing there was no mother cat in sight, he took her home.

The kitten refused to drink from a bottle, and Jimmy's mother, Ruth Martin, feared Precious would die.

The family initially tried to keep Precious and Honey apart, fearing the dog would play too rough with the little gray-striped kitten. But Honey was elated at Precious' presence, wagging her tail and prancing all over the house trying to sneak a peak at her. Eventually, the family let Honey approach Precious, and the dog immediately took to her.

The Martins said they told a veterinarian about Honey and Precious, and learned that interspecies nursing does happen on rare occasion.

Precious now sometimes plays with dog bones, and Honey lets Precious gnaw on her like a puppy would.

"She thinks she's a dog," Kathy Martin said. "She's really fit right in."


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Friday, October 5, 2007

Dykes Love Their Dogs

So, I thought you'd all enjoy this adorable video. I knew all you "bitches" would love it because lesbians and dogs go together like Laverne & Shirley. Enjoy Dominic, the wonder dog, who refuses to let anything get in his way from living his life to the fullest--even losing two of his legs. Checkit.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Go See this Movie!

Do you love lesbian movies? If so, you NEED to go see Itty Bitty Titty Committee. I don't live in LA, but if YOU do, make sure you head down to Laemmle's Sunset 5, 8000 Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood and see this movie in the theater, now through Oct 11th.

See, here's the thing about lesbian movies. If you want film makers to keep making them, you must see them in the theaters. Renting the DVD when it comes out doesn't cut it. The film industry needs to know that us dykes (and those who love our movies) will get our asses off the couch, truck it out to the theater and plop down several bucks to see the thing on the big screen. THE WAY IT WAS MEANT TO BE SEEN.

And trust me, if you see only one movie in the theaters this year, Itty Bitty Titty Committee should be it! I've already seen it three times and you know I'm going again later month when it comes to the Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Itty Bitty Titty Committee is my new favorite lesbian movie and let me tell you why.

First of all Jamie Babbit is one of the funnest, funniest, smartest and sexiest directors alive. With a true dyke sensibility, she draws in a diverse crowd with universal message, that is yet, completely lesbian. Second, the sound track completely rocks, and you'll have a hard time staying in your seat when the likes of Le Tigre, Bikini Kill and Team Dresh pound through the sound system.

Third, it's POWER UP's first feature length film. POWER UP is a kick-ass organization whose mission is to promote the visibility and integration of gay women in entertainment, the arts, and all forms of media. And they used an all female crew to film this thing.

And finally, the cast is to die for. Those of you who complain that The L Word doesn't have real live lesbians, will drool over this cast, many of who are queer, like Daniela Sea, Guinevere Turner and Jenny Shimizu.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what the critics have been saying:
"Itty Bitty is a crazy, funny, foul-mouthed, crowd-pleasing winner -one of the most enjoyable films to come out of the festival circuit in some time."

"Jamie Babbit's follow-up to But I'm a Cheerleader is smarter, funnier and more accomplished than its predecessor." L.A. Weekly

"Itty Bitty will make you want to grab some friends with cool hairstyles, rock out and speak up in protest of, well something." Curve Magazine

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Celebrate Me Home

Hi everyone

I've been on vacation and just got back. My partner and I were in Northwestern Montana, outside a little town called Whitefish. My parents are developing property up there and we stayed at the "Ranch". While we were there, we fly fished on the shore and in little boats, road ATC's, read books by the fire, drank wine and laughed a lot. Here are some photos. We met my brother and his family. (BTW, my brother and I could be twins, but we're not.) Look how big our nephew Calvin is getting! He is talking up a storm and the most thoughtful and gentle little boy (just like his parents). His favorite new thing is Lightening McQueen? Some animated car? Anyway, enjoy the photos.

Montana is so beautiful!