Friday, March 26, 2010


It's official: My pitch, 'Til Death Do Us Toby, has been selected by OUTtv for their Hot Pink Shorts contest. Thank you to all who voted! I couldn’t have done it without you.

If you're in the dark about this, here is some more info: OUTtv, Canada’s only LGBT national television network, recently held a contest in conjunction with Hot Pink Shorts, in which contestants submitted video pitches that were voted on by viewers. Yours truly was selected as one of the winning pitches. As a winner, OUTtv will fund my first short film, ‘Til Death Do Us Toby and make a documentary of the process (“The Making Of…”). Also part of Hot Pink Shorts: mentoring. During the process, I will receive advice/help from industry professionals from pre-production all the way through post-production—and it will all be captured on film for the world to see!

My short film, ‘Til Death Do Us Toby, is about Sam, an artist tomboy teenager and her mutt, Toby, who go on a wild adventure together, which includes Sam discovering that she’s gay. Sam is being raised by her religious cougar mom, Mimi, who refuses to acknowledge that Sam is growing up to be a big ole lezzy. Meanwhile, Toby, Sam’s neurotic sidekick, thinks that everyone is out to kill him. Will Sam and Toby make it out alive?

I've been producing the Lipstick & Dipstick Show on Curve’s website and am excited to take it to another level by writing/directing my first short film.

Round 2 of the Hot Pink Shorts contest has already began and they’ll make more lucky filmmakers’ dreams a reality. If you have a short film idea, check out Hot Pink Shorts today! Even if you’re simply a film enthusiast, Hot Pink Shorts is an amazing community. Join today!

* the other short film selected for this round of Hot Pink Shorts is "Short Sight" about a gay man who has the abilty to see people's true, repressed selves in an eye that was damaged in a fight when he was young. Cool, huh?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garage Sale in Portland this Weekend

Hey folks, a good friend of ours is having a huge "Sell Her Life" garage sale this weekend in Portland, Oregon and I wanted to spread the word. Here are the details from her:

Saturday + Sunday
7am - 5pm

4564 NE 82nd Avenue

I'm pretty much selling, um, you know, everything I own. Fashion to 5x/6x, small furniture (dresser/bookshelves), electronics, TONS of books (including pervy ones), decorative items, kitchenware, like a bajillion wine glasses, I don't even know anymore. Just, basically, everything. Come help me cement this major transition in my life by hauling away all my stuff. There's some good stuff!! Take it! ;)

Here is the Facebook listing.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Indigo Girls in Vancouver

I spent last night basking in the Indiglo at the Commodore Theater. Amy and Emily from the Indigo Girls rolled through town and put on an amazing show. Bitch opened for them and came out and sang several songs with the iconic dykes, who haven't changed a lick.

They sang some of my favorites: Ghost, Power of Two, Galileo, Get Out the Map, Closer to Fine. My voice is all Kathleen Turner this morning because I sang so hard.We rocked out all night and had a fantastic time with our some of our favorite people--Jessill (Jess + Jill), Judith (hipster aunt), Sarah (lil weenis) and Katherine (artsy fart).

The music never dies! Enjoy the song below, lifted from YouTube...Add Image

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Help Our Friend, Dawnie

A beloved friend of ours, Dawnie Grubstein, is battling colon cancer. She is the brightest spirit you'll ever meet and I know that if anyone can beat this, it's Dawnie. Truly an effervescent soul.
Her best friend, Luna Jaffe, wrote a song for her and uploaded it to CDBaby. You can download it and the proceeds go to Dawnie. It's called "You'll Find Your Way."

Check out and buy it today to support Dawnie!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tegan + Sara

I was in Gastown recently visiting my friend, Jill, at work when we decdided to head out and get a bite to eat. We stopped at a little cafe around the corner from her office and when we walked through the door, Jill immediately recognized one of her favorite artists sitting at the window chillin' with a cup of joe. It was either Tegan or Sara from the band Tegan + Sara. She wasn't sure which one so we introduced ourselves.

Now, even though I'm a lezzy, I have to admit, I only know one song of theirs: a short tune from the L Word soundtrack "Love Type Thing." I know, bad lesbian, bad.

Anyhoodle, I snapped a photo because I knew you'd all dig it. And now I'm going to go download some Tegan + Sara for my iPod.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lady Gaga & Beyonce: Telephone

If you haven't seen this yet, it's worth watching. Hot! You've been a very bad girl Gaga! This is about the gayest thing I've seen in a long time. Parts of it made me laugh out loud. And of course, I love the Thelma & Louise reference at the end. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tristan Taormino in Portland and Salem

Tristan Taormino is coming to Portland! Tristan is one of the best and brightest sex educators in America.

She is the author of four books: Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships, True Lust: Adventures in Sex, Porn and Perversion Down and Dirty Sex Secrets and The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women.

The chance to see Tristan Taormino in person is something you don't want to miss. Plus, if you go to her March 21st class, you'll get a chance to check out Portland's newest women-positive sex shop.

March 17, 7:00 pm
Portland, OR
The Expert Guide to Sex Toys with Tristan Taormino
Are you looking to liven up solo sex, hit hot spots more easily, or give your partner new sensations? Sex expert, writer, and adult filmmaker, Tristan Taormino, author of The Big Book of Sex Toys, wants to help you use toys and other accessories to take your sex life to the next level! She'll share her picks for the best lube, vibrators (including compact, clitoral, wearable, insertable, dual-action, and luxury vibes), dildos, strap-on harnesses, butt plugs, men's toys, G-spot and prostate toys, sensation play tools, bondage, and more! She'll talk about creative ways to use toys and other sexy goodies to transform your bedroom into an erotic playground. Plus, you'll be able to ask her all your burning questions in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. Join Tristan as she takes you on a tour of all you need to know to have sensational, mind-blowing sex!
Location: Fascinations, 9515 SE. 82nd. Ave, Portland, OR
Admission: Free!

March 18, 7:00 pm
Salem, OR
Discover the ABCs of sexual pleasure for women, from the basic to the advanced in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. Hear Tristan's unabashed straight talk about sex in the Human Sexuality class that most people never get to take! She'll cover a variety of topics, including: sexual anatomy, masturbation, orgasms, improving your erotic communication skills, finding the elusive g-spot, myths and truths about female ejaculation, sex toy tips and techniques, and the wonders of anal sex. There will be an extensive question-and-answer period where students are encouraged to ask her anything.
Location: Engima, 1326 State St Salem OR 97301
Admission: $25 general and $20 students, reserve by phone 503-569-7087, in the store or by Brownpaper tickets!

March 19-21
Portland, OR
Portland Leather Alliance presents Kinkfest 2010. Join me for an entire weekend of kinky fun!

March 21, 7:30 pm
Portland, OR
Kick It Up a Notch: Taking Sex to the Next Level
From her popular columns and website to her videos and lecture series, Tristan has garnered raves for her unabashed straight talk about sex. Now, you can hear it from the sexpert herself! Whether you've been in a relationship for six months or six years, Tristan will discuss what happens when the honeymoon is over and real life begins to set in. She'll cover a variety of topics, including how to: let go of the myths of what sex should be like, improve your erotic communication skills, add something new to the mix, explore dirty talk, fantasy, and erotic role playing, try anal pleasure and penetration, utilize sex toys, lubricants, and other erotic accessories. This unique and intimate class will be a supportive, non-judgmental environment where you can ask questions and openly discuss your sexual issues and goals. Join Tristan as she takes you on a tour of all you need to know to have healthy, adventuresome, mind-blowing sex.
Location: She Bop, 909 N Beech St., Portland OR 503-473-8018
Admission: $25 (please call or email She Bop to pre-register)

Monday, March 15, 2010

This is a Gay Bar

A few weeks ago I was visiting Seattle and we were wandering around Capitol Hill looking for a place to have a beer.

Although RPlace was closed, we did appreciate the sign on the door. I wonder if it really keeps the homophobes, racists, bigots and assholes out. What do you think?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ten-Year Old Takes a Stand

Maybe you saw this. It aired back in November. I just learned of it because it won a GLAAD media award. This ten year old boy is so well spoken about why he won't stand to say the pledge of allegiance. And he's from Alabama. There is hope.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ashleigh Flynn - Great Interview on NPR

One of our favorite queer Americana/folk artists, Ashleigh Flynn, was recently featured on NPR! You can hear her interview HERE.

Also, check out her new video for Knock On Wood.

Way to go Ash!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Street Interview Goes Sideways

First off, this video is NOT kid-friendly, but captures a hilariously insane event in Toronto (that, by the looks of it, was filmed years ago, but is still as priceless).

I'm working on a project right now where I have to "go to the streets" and ask people questions on camera.

I'm hoping this doesn't happen to me this weekend as I cruise Davie looking for people willing to go on camera. If it happens, I sure hope she's a hot femme and not... well, watch for yourself.

Mississippi Prom Cancelled Because of Lesbian

Have you guys seen this story?

I think that Mississippi School District is in serious hot water! Thanks god for the ACLU.

Here is another article from The Advocate.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lipstick Needs Your Vote!


I've entered a contest with OUTtv called Hot Pink Shorts where two filmmakers will be selected to have their short film made. (For those that don't know, a short film is between 5 - 7 minutes.)

For the two lucky winners, in addition to having your short film funded and help with producing, the whole creative process (from pre-production to post) will be captured on film and made into a documentary for OUTtv (the Canadian equivalent to Logo in the US).

I've come up with an idea for a short film called 'Til Death Do Us Toby. For the contest, I've produced a short video pitch for their site. The contest is based on votes from viewers (like or dislike), so I need your help!

I'll forever be grateful if you'll:

1) Go to Hot Pink Shorts Website
2) Click on "The Pitches"
3) Join the community (you’ll have to wait to be approved, which will come via email and pretty quickly—check your spam folders)
4) Watch my short pitch--'Til Death Do Us Toby
5) Click on the "Like" button and make a comment (if you like my pitch, that is)

You can see the pitches under Contest/The Pitches.

It's super easy to do and the contest closes next Monday (March 15), so I really need all the help I can get as I'm joining late in game.

Can you PLEASE help a girl out?

Also, if you have an idea for a short film, it's not too late to get your pitch in!

Thanks in advance for those who want to support me!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Same-Sex Marriage in DC

Today is the first day same-sex marriages could be performed in Washington, DC. Can you watch this video without crying? I couldn't.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

G Spot Mouse

What will they think of next? (I'm sure there is a penis joystick out there somewhere.) How'd you like to have your hands on this little vagina every day as you pay your bills online or work on your homework? Just point and clit click!

Introducing "The G-spot Mouse," aka the G-Point mouse.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For All You Cat Lovers...

Since we're all a little depressed around here that the Olympic party is over, I thought we could all use a little humor.

This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time...

Make sure you read the subtitles.

For the laughter, you're welcome.

Monday, March 1, 2010


What an ending to the Winter Games last night, eh? As you could imagine, Vancouver went BERZERK when the Canadians snatched the gold medal in an overtime nail-biter against USA. And we were right there in the thick of it!

We started the day with a pot of chill and good friends who came over to watch the game. After the big overtime finale, we immediately hopped a cab downtown.

Our cowbells never worked so hard as they did last night on Granville Street, where we ran through the street hooting and hollering. I've never slapped so many hands, catcalled to more strangers and laughed so joyously as I did last night in downtown Vancouver, BC.

To top it off, it was a beautiful night in BC, too. The stars were out, so was the moon, and so were hundreds of thousands of crazy Canadian fans.

We ended the night at the PourHouse in Gastown for a late bite. It was the perfect ending to a fabulous, enormously memorable day.

I wish so much I could've somehow bottled up the energy of downtown last night and shared it here with you. I took some video, but you know how those never do any justice.

I wrote a while back that I thought we'd be glad to see the Olympics go, as it was really beginning to cramp our style--city-wise. But now I don't feel that way at all and neither does anyone else I've talked to. Maybe it's because we won yesterday, maybe it's because we had more gold medals than any other country. Or maybe, just maybe, there is some real magic and weight behind the old Olympic spirit.