Friday, March 26, 2010


It's official: My pitch, 'Til Death Do Us Toby, has been selected by OUTtv for their Hot Pink Shorts contest. Thank you to all who voted! I couldn’t have done it without you.

If you're in the dark about this, here is some more info: OUTtv, Canada’s only LGBT national television network, recently held a contest in conjunction with Hot Pink Shorts, in which contestants submitted video pitches that were voted on by viewers. Yours truly was selected as one of the winning pitches. As a winner, OUTtv will fund my first short film, ‘Til Death Do Us Toby and make a documentary of the process (“The Making Of…”). Also part of Hot Pink Shorts: mentoring. During the process, I will receive advice/help from industry professionals from pre-production all the way through post-production—and it will all be captured on film for the world to see!

My short film, ‘Til Death Do Us Toby, is about Sam, an artist tomboy teenager and her mutt, Toby, who go on a wild adventure together, which includes Sam discovering that she’s gay. Sam is being raised by her religious cougar mom, Mimi, who refuses to acknowledge that Sam is growing up to be a big ole lezzy. Meanwhile, Toby, Sam’s neurotic sidekick, thinks that everyone is out to kill him. Will Sam and Toby make it out alive?

I've been producing the Lipstick & Dipstick Show on Curve’s website and am excited to take it to another level by writing/directing my first short film.

Round 2 of the Hot Pink Shorts contest has already began and they’ll make more lucky filmmakers’ dreams a reality. If you have a short film idea, check out Hot Pink Shorts today! Even if you’re simply a film enthusiast, Hot Pink Shorts is an amazing community. Join today!

* the other short film selected for this round of Hot Pink Shorts is "Short Sight" about a gay man who has the abilty to see people's true, repressed selves in an eye that was damaged in a fight when he was young. Cool, huh?

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