Monday, March 1, 2010


What an ending to the Winter Games last night, eh? As you could imagine, Vancouver went BERZERK when the Canadians snatched the gold medal in an overtime nail-biter against USA. And we were right there in the thick of it!

We started the day with a pot of chill and good friends who came over to watch the game. After the big overtime finale, we immediately hopped a cab downtown.

Our cowbells never worked so hard as they did last night on Granville Street, where we ran through the street hooting and hollering. I've never slapped so many hands, catcalled to more strangers and laughed so joyously as I did last night in downtown Vancouver, BC.

To top it off, it was a beautiful night in BC, too. The stars were out, so was the moon, and so were hundreds of thousands of crazy Canadian fans.

We ended the night at the PourHouse in Gastown for a late bite. It was the perfect ending to a fabulous, enormously memorable day.

I wish so much I could've somehow bottled up the energy of downtown last night and shared it here with you. I took some video, but you know how those never do any justice.

I wrote a while back that I thought we'd be glad to see the Olympics go, as it was really beginning to cramp our style--city-wise. But now I don't feel that way at all and neither does anyone else I've talked to. Maybe it's because we won yesterday, maybe it's because we had more gold medals than any other country. Or maybe, just maybe, there is some real magic and weight behind the old Olympic spirit.