Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hanging Out in Dive Bars

I was away all last week visiting my family in Upstate NY.
One of my high school buddies is an amazing musician and whenever I’m in town I try to see if he’s playing. Sure enough, he was playing a happy hour show in a bar in a small town just outside of Syracuse. My sister and brother and a few friends drove out there on a beautiful warm Friday evening.

There we met this guy. His one claim to fame, besides requesting Harry Chapin songs, is balancing a beer bottle on his head. He thought he was really something special. Dipstick just had to show him, it wasn’t that hard to do. Poor guy, I think I really deflated his ego.

Regardless, be sure to check out my friend Jamie Notarthomas, he’s a great talent and a great guy. Here's one of his music videos.

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