Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lesbians Under the Stars

What could be more lesbian than going to see the Indigo Girls at the zoo? With a bunch of friends, blankets under our arms and munchies to share, Tiger and I trekked up to the Portland Zoo to see my all-time favorite band.

The Indigo Girls just make me happy. And seeing them perform, outside on a beautiful summer evening with lots of cool people around, I don't think there's anything better. Well, one thing could make it better, the amazingly talented and incredibly hot Julie Wolf on keyboards.

Sandy got there early, so we had awesome seats. That's when we were in them, because most of the time we were smashed up against the stage, singing along at the top of our lungs. We know the words to practically every song.

A friend of mine was having a jolly time, blowing bubbles in time to the music. Then this big dyke security guard came up and told her she had to stop. "It's bad for the elephants," she said. What a great to get lesbians to stop doing something, tell them an animal will be harmed.

If you've never seen the Indigo Girls live in concert. You must. It's a lesbian rite-of-passage.

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