Sunday, August 2, 2009

Paying Homage to a Murdered Lesbian :: Teresa Butz

We get the Seattle news up here in Vancouver, BC and I have recently been totally moved by the story of Teresa Butz, a lesbian who was murdered in her home trying to defend her and her girlfriend against a vicious intruder, who had broken into their home and raped them both. The details are becoming clearer and clearer about what happened that early morning and I won't print them here (because they're too upsetting). If you think you can handle it, go here.

Teresa and her partner had a commitment ceremony planned for September and were going to celebrate Teresa's 40th birthday in Spain in October.

I don't know if the story got national attention or not, but it got extensive regional coverage before and after they caught the suspect (may he burn in hell forever). Teresa's last words on the street to neighbors: "He [the intruder] told us
if we did what he asked us to do he wouldn't hurt us. He lied, he lied."

I didn't know Teresa or anyone in their circle of friends, but I wanted to pay tribute to her here because I'm so devastated by this story. Doesn't she look like a friend you'd have? Someone you'd see at Pride or play softball against?

It's just so heartbreaking and an important reminder amidst the summer heat that there are very bad people who are looking for open windows to climb through.

May Teresa rest in peace and may her partner find comfort and healing.

Photo below is from a vigil neighbors and community members organized in their South Park Seattle neighborhood. Of Teresa, they said she will be remembered for her piercing eyes, remarkable laugh and cheerful outlook on life, and, no doubt, for the way she sacrificed herself to save the love of her life.


Cedar said...

I live in Seattle and have followed this story probably too closely. I was so deeply moved by it that I went to the home to place flowers on the fence like hundreds of others. I too wish the best for the partner who is left to heal and to move on the best she can...if comfort comes in the form of prayers and thoughts I hope she feels all of healing energy that has been put out into the universe for her.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I lived right down the street from those two women, exchanged hellos a few times. We read about the story in the paper one night and were speachless. We've been following it since. I have never felt so sad and angered toward a person and a situation in my whole life. What happened to these two women was unspeakably evil.

Lisa Moon said...

Thank you for writing about this. Although I feel I 'should' read the link, I will not because I just can't stand the heartbreak of the gory, disgusting details. Knowing this much is already devastating.

Cedar said it well: I share the wish that her partner is able to heal and move on with much love and support from the community.

And I'm left to wonder, as always, about the evil in the hearts and minds of some.

Peace to Teresa's spirit.

Anonymous said...

I assume that many of the militant anti-gun owning lesbians (and the survivor of this attack) may just rethink their stance.
Other people like myself are that much more convinced that we need to return to some sort of segregation for Blacks since they rape over 30,000 white women each year in the US(oh,you didn't know it was a Black man?,the writer didn't want you to know).
In the end,I would rather have a gun in my hands than a cop on the phone,because when seconds count,the police are 15 minutes away.

AK said...

Teresa was a friend of mine for many years. Although it had been a few years since we had seen each other we were re-connecting through Facebook and email. I was and still am devastated that her life ended so tragically early. I only hope her partner can find some peace as those that loved her are struggling to make sense of it all.

Anonymous said...

Have some respect, sir. This should be a place for condolences and empathy. Consider others.Take what you have there to a more appropriate thread, please.
I never held my partner so tight than after reading about this case. What terrible humans we can find roaming this planet... we should all be grateful for the beautiful ones we have in our lives.

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