Friday, December 11, 2009


Is all of North America in a deep freeze right now or what?

It's colder than a witch's tit up here in Vancouver, BC and I hear it's equally as chilly down in Portland, where the Dipster is. The news is also littered with stories of woe about the deep freeze that's happend across America.

Nothing, however, compares the cold that is found "whistling" at the top of Whistler Mountain. (Side note: Whistler is named after the hoary marmot, which whistles.)

I braved the slopes on Sunday with two good friends, Jill and Jess, and we had to stop after two runs to thaw in the powder house.

On the mountain, there were ominous signs warning of cold effects and frost bite (that can happen when you simply take your glove off to check your blackberry on the ski lift). I had every inch of skin covered and a subzero ski jacket and ski pants (that's me in the red coat), but it wasn't enough. Next time, instead of being a shredder, I may just hang at the cabin with Patty (the smart one), who stayed behind with Jill + Jess' adorable baby girl, Harper.

Stay warm~


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