Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Thinks Lesbians Just Can't Find a Man

Have you seen this clip? During a recent episode of The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck said that she thinks the reason lesbians come out later in life is because they just can't find a man.

Check it out!

What do you guys think?


Laura said...

I am so tired of her uptight conservative ass. I am only 35 so not that old but how dare she even say that? Does she ever think before she speaks? If I wanted a man I have enough that hit on me but I love my partner and think women are the most beautiful creatures in the world.

Anonymous said...

I am coming out later in life so I can speak to this. It hurts tremendously when comments like this are made in the media because they are so far from the truth. The myriad of reasons for midlife coming out are huge and difficult, hard enough to begin with. I don't want a male partner. I'd rather be single and identify as a lesbian that have a male partner. It's SO not about "finding the right man", she shouldn't be talking about this subject - she isn't qualified to. She offends me to my core. I

Anonymous said...

*shaking my head* Really? Yep - couldn't find the right man, so I settled for a woman. Maybe I should tell my partner that tonight, I'm sure it will make her swoon! Honeybuns...I'm only with you because according to Elizabeth Hasselbeck, I couldn't find the right man.


teeveezed said...

I think she's an idiot.

Anonymous said...

She's just a right wing idiot! I wonder what she would have to say about young women making that choice? What.. that the older men didnt want them? Please! I swear they only keep her on the show for her conservative nonsense talk, and the people tuning in, to hear what her next idiot comment will be! It seems as if the ONLY notable comments that come from that show.. are her insanely conservative opinions. That generally create mass publicity.

Anonymous said...

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