Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vancouver Queers :: Will You Be at Davie + Howe?

Vancouver is a-talking about what's coming to Davie & Howe in October and it's all the buzz....

Much speculation has been going around about what would be going into the prime intersection in gay-town.

While I was glad to hear it's not going to be a Starbuck's or a BlockBuster or yet another Safeway, I couldn't get the skinny on what was coming to the location exactly. I'm super intrigued, though, as I like the way "whatever-it-is" is flirting with the gay community.

What I Did Find Out
It's going to be a new Canadian brand and that they are launching in Vancouver before going national. Hmm.... a brand of what? We also heard from a very reliable source that this new yet to be named Canadian brand is going to definitely support the LGBT community.

Even though it's quite coy, I'm very curious--curious enough to join the online bandwagon! You should, too.

I'll keep my ear to the ground and let you know what I can uncover between now and Oct. I'm excited to see so many cute faces out and about and online! Join me in the fun.


Anonymous said...

one word: TELUS

Anonymous said...

A hugely unfriendly coloration is behind this. I responded to their job posting and applied for a PT position and went for an interview last week. The whole process is secretive. They called from a private number and they asked me to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they even told me what the job is. I kinda figured it out when I realized where the interview takes place. They advertised themselves as being a new LGBT friendly retail concept but it's all a "rainbow marketing" ploy to get our money. As of today I have not heard back from them. Good luck. I am sure they don't care to Tel Us that our future is friendly without them.

Anonymous said...

Someone is hostile that they weren't hired...

I'll support any community minded companies, especially if they cater to the LGBT community in some way.

Anonymous said...

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