Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When a column goes up in flames

So, lately, Dipstick and I have been getting into trouble with readers for some of the things we've written in our column and I'd like to send a message to all of you out there who've gotten bent out of shape for something we've said:


While we totally respect (really, we do) your opinion, why get your panties in a bunch because we're trying to be funny or playfully self-deprecating--toward the lesbian community or otherwise. What's the harm in that? Life's too serious sometimes. While it's true, our words do reach lots and lots of lesbians, what's also true is that we're not only advice columnists, but also creative writers who enjoy gleaning innocent humor from daily minutia and our dykely lot in life.

So for those of you who lose sleep over something we said, we'd encourage you to take two of these (chill pills) and write us in the morning.

As always, yours truly,
Lipstick & Dipstick

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