Monday, November 2, 2009

Ashleigh Flynn Concerts in San Francisco, Ashland and Eugene this Week!

Ashleigh Flynn will be in Eugene, San Francisco and Ashland this week, touring with our favorite bears: Sneakin' Out. If you're in any of these places this week, clear your schedule and go check them out! They're sure to put on a great show!

Nov 4th - Sam Bonds Garage - Eugene OR
Nov 5th -Hotel Utah for Heather Combs Songwriter Night - San Francisco
Nov 6th - Dolores Park Cafe - San Francisco
Nov 7th - The Tease Restaurant and Bar - Ashland OR

Ashleigh just finished a sweet little tour with the Wood Brothers (who we saw and were also great) and is hittin' the road again.

TO read a review from the Vancouver Woods Brothers show, go here:

TO see pics from the Vancouver Woods Brothers show, go here:

* Photo credit: Telemov Photovideo (Flickr)

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