Saturday, November 28, 2009

Go SU!

Gotta love my alma mater. This is from the student paper, that I used to write for "The Daily Orange."

Michelle Deferio arrived on Waverly Avenue outside of Newhouse I around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday wearing a long corduroy skirt and holding a sign that read, "Homosexuality is a sin, Christ can set you free."

In response, Chris Pesto, a junior acting major who is gay, made a sign that read "Corduroy skirts are a sin, homosexuals can help you," and stood next to Deferio in protest.

The article then describes how a student protest spontaneously broke out.

Makes me miss home...


Anonymous said...

I'm a catholic lesbian and I still don't understand the Pope and his church judgment about homosexuality.
Jesus has always talked about love, tolerance, even acceptance. I believe in Him not in human interpretations.
Good article. Thank you Dip!

Anonymous said...

that is freekin' awesome....

Anonymous said...


Nohodyke said...

Yeah Syracuse- send it to your Dad!

Anonymous said...

My niece goes to SU. I'll have to ask her if she heard about that!

Love it.

Anonymous said...

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