Thursday, January 7, 2010

Still Miss the Girl

It's been a year since we said goodbye to our sweet old dog. Juneau was an old soul. She was never one to let her guard down and took her role as guardian and protector seriously.

She was quite a beauty in her day. And she knew it. She loved to pose for photos. This is the shot she sat for that won us the grand prize in the Oregon Human Society photo contest. When she got older and her hair began to fall out, she never really got that her youthful beauty had left her. She pranced around the park like she was the prettiest thing anyone had ever seen.

She was stoic and could be quite grouchy. She never liked to cuddle and tolerated pets for only so long. Yet, she loved to be the center of attention. Whenever we would have a party, she would park her self in the middle of the dining room floor, sprawl out and fall asleep.

Her favorite places were Mt. Hood and Yachats, Oregon. A true snow dog, she would get a dance in her step whenever there were flurries in the air.

She loved children and whenever she saw a baby carriage she would make a beeline for it. Often scaring the wits out of parents who only saw a big scary dog barreling toward their child. Any chance she got to lick a child or a man's beard, she would take.

Yes, she had her quirks and yes we spoiled her. From the day we brought her home, she had to have her head out the window while driving, or she would howl and howl. This made for some cold winter driving. But that damn dog won out most of the time.

She drove me crazy and I miss her everyday.


e said...

Such a pretty girl! My old girl is near the end now and I'm dreading having to make the call...

Anonymous said...

Bidding farewell to these dear, loyal companions is so very painful. I wish you and yours comfort in your memory of her.

Unknown said...

Her eyes radiate love...God bless her, you and yours. I too have dogs. My Husky mix,Karma, will be 2yrs. old April 1. He drives me insane but I cannot imagine life without his crazy antics. Sante' is my 3 yr. old, Aussie Shep/Red Heeler and a wise soul. She is my protector. God has blessed each of us who have had the priviledge of owning a dog. Walk in peace.