Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nana Loves Logo

My hip grandmother recently discovered that she has Logo. She lives in Arizona and found it deep in her cable channels. Since then, I don't think she's watched much else--except maybe her soap operas and Murder She Wrote.

"I had no idea there were so many gay people," Nana said last week. "There are tons."

I've dwelled on this comment for days now. Before discovering that we had our own cable channel, did she only think there were a handful of us? The six or seven friends of mine she's met and my gay uncle Danny. Surely she knew there were at least fifty; after all, she does watch the L Word and cut a clipping in the paper and sent it to me when Rosie came out.

Since the discovery, she's seen the Round Trip Ticket show Dipstick and I were on last year that continues to run several times a month. In the Portland, Oregon show, I talk about grooming and whether or not two male tops can make it work. I also briefly fought with host Marc Savoia with, you guessed it, a rubber dildo. I bet Nana was proud.

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