Monday, January 7, 2008

Much Love to The L Word & HRC

Lipstick and I had a blast last night hosting the premiere of Season 5 of The L Word. What we are most proud of is the amount of money were were able to help raise for an organization we whole heartedly belive in: The Human Rights Campaign. This video was taken from pretty far away, but it was during our L Word Trivia.

In case you missed our show, and I know there were about 75 of you who were turned away at the door, we auctioned off some L Word t-shirts with the help of a few local Portland gals. Some of whom took the shirts right off their back for the highest bidder. Now that's dedication to a cause. Thanks to our volunteers models. Here's their bios:

Hard Up in Hillsboro
This suburb dweller recently competed in American’s Next Top Soup Chef. She has 16 German shepherds and loves to get crazy with her friends on the weekends hitting up used bookstores and fabric shops.

NW Nymph
She’s a Scorpio who enjoys shopping, pedicures and her weekly knitting circle.
In her spare time, she plays on a professional topless tetherball league.

Hottie on Mt. Scottie
Hottie is a proud member of the zoo bombers, who rode her tricycle here tonight. She enjoys champagne, naked snow shoeing and is a Beth Ditto groupie.

Mighty Fine on Skyline
This black belt in jujitsu is also an avid kite boarder. She’s run the Boston Marathon six times and keeps a box of Hot Tamales by her bed. When she’s not modeling L Word t-shirts, she’s selling houses in the West Hills.

Spank My Popo in NoPo
Spanky is a feisty young thing who spends her spare time trolling the internet for trolls and hopelessly leading them on. She has her PhD from Harvard and is considered by many political analysts to be Hillary’s number one choice of a running mate.

Mississippi Minx
Standing 5’11, this former model now spends her days walking the dog park instead of walking the cat walk (although she really does favor pussy). After fifteen minutes in a Jacuzzi, she can do all three splits and do a back flip. The Minx loves wine, sushi and cozy night by the fire.

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