Friday, January 4, 2008

Remind Me Never to Go to Iowa

The last time I was in Iowa was in the 1980s. It seemed like a nice place. The people were very friendly and welcoming. As a matter of fact, when the peace organization I was with rolled through the corn state, we were greeted with church potlucks, offers of warm showers and places to stay. It's shocking to me then that those same warm and welcoming church people could vote for Mike Huckabee.

You know who he is. He's the candidate that GQ had this to say about, "Unlike most of the GOP field, he isn’t just trying to woo the religious right. He is the religious right." And not right in a good way. Right in the way that comes out with statement like these: "I feel homosexuality is an aberrant, unnatural, and sinful lifestyle, and we now know it can pose a dangerous public health risk."

So I guess we don't need to ask his stance on gay marriage do we? And it's not just the gays. It's women too. He signed his name to a full page ad in USA today in 1998 that stated his belief that a wife should graciously submit to her husband. His wife signed it too. He probably made her.

No, Iowa, don't take it personally. What I'm really trying to say here is that I'm fucking scared someone like him could actually get his party's nomination. And even more scared that the Republicans will steal another election from us. Personally, I'm getting my riot gear ready. Because if it happens again, I'm not going to just sit in front of the TV in shock this time. I'm taking to the streets. Who's with me?


Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Dip! I'll shin guards and bloody marys ready to go.

Anonymous said...

me too!!!

JScribe said...

Sorry about swiping from your page--It's changed now!

Anonymous said...

Hey grrrrlz, perhaps you missed the fact that the Dems in Iowa turned out 239,000 people in contrast to the Republicans' 114,000. So that's a more than 2-to-1 advantage for slightly less homophobic candidates, no matter which of those candidates one might have caucused for.

I mean, I moved to Oregon from Iowa City, so I clearly like it here better, but, for instance, Eugene has one little Pride Picnic IN AUGUST, while Iowa City (pop. 60,000) has a Pride Month with activities every day for all of June.

Sure, some of the scary evangelicals went for Huckabee, but again, it's far higher than 2-to-1 ration of Iowans who caucused for other, less homophobic candidates (including McCain and Giuliani, but mostly Edwards, Clinton and Obama) to Iowans who lost their freakin' minds and voted for crackpot dude. Math, ladies, math. And btw, Iowa doesn't have a Measure 36, you know?

Mossie said...

Hmmm, Miz Dip, 1980s peace organization, rolling through Iowa . . . ? That sounds like something my girlfriend did, too. Could the small planet be reminding me of its smallness yet once again? I bet it is.

Anonymous said...

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