Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reason #188 Why I Love Portland :: Car Free Roads

What would happen if you closed six miles of road to all cars and motor vehicles for a half a day? You'd get out, meet your neighbors, get some exercise and have a whole lot of fun. That's exactly what happened in my neighborhood on Sunday. 

Thousands of people from all over the city came to take part in Sunday Parkways. It's modeled after Bogota, Columbia, where they close 70 miles of streets EVERY Sunday. How fun does this look? 

We only had one day, and people took advantage of it. The roads were packed for hours with thousands of bikers, walker, joggers, skate boarders and roller-bladers. People sat out on their porches and watched us stream by. Some offered cool drinks. Others held garage sales. 

And the parks along the path were mini-parties in themselves. Reggae bands, juggling lessons, hula-hoop stations and an all-girl mini-bike dance team. 

It was so fun. So Portland. Wouldn't it be cool if every city did this? Wouldn't it be cool we did it every Sunday? Portland rocks. You can move here, but leave your car at home. 


Anonymous said...

YES!! I think they still do this in Cambridge MA a part of every weekend during the summer.
Looks like lots of fun.

Nulaanne said...

I was there that weekend. It did look like fun, and I would love to move back to Portland. I just have to talk Honey into it when she retires.