Saturday, June 28, 2008

SF Pride Day 1

Greetings from smoky San Francisco! What a great first day we had in the city by the bay.

Fortunately, the fires have subsided here in the Bay Area, but that doesn't mean there wasn't smoke coming from the myriad lezzie parties that went down last night. We started the night at CURVE's Welcome Reception at the Hotel Kabuki. I'm not sure about the story behind this chicken feather coat Dipstick is wearing below, but I'm sure glad I got this picture of her showing it off.

After dinner and drinks, we headed to Lollipop, an all-girls party right on the water outside the Mission. At this party, in the "cage", we met and chatted with the L Word's Rose Rollins, who is a giant fan of CURVE's. She was super sweet--even though she was being mobbed (seriously) by lezbots with their cell cams and digital cams. Her boyfriend was sweet, too, although I didn't catch his name. He snapped this pic of us. He and Rose had just done a tequila shooter minutes before this shot. On our way out, in typical pride drama fashion, a fist fight broke out in line between two dykes. If I hadn't had one foot in the cab, I would've gone over with my bullwhip and given those lame labias a piece of Lipstick's mind.

We ended the night with three straight guys (I know, kinda weird), who we met in our hotel elevator. On the sidewalk, Pattycake and I ended up having a really interesting conversation (once we convinced him we really were rug munchers) with him about how he and his lezzie sister aren't close and how he can mend their relationship. And just when I thought I could put my lipstick and bullwhip away... He was a really nice guy and I hope he really does reach out to his sister to let her know how much he cares and how who she is is okay.

Come see us at the CURVE booth today at the Pride festival. We'll be there from 1-4pm.

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