Thursday, June 5, 2008

Someone Named Their Bunnies After Us!

Dipstick Sr Buck April 08Google is pretty cool. I signed up for this thing called Google Alerts and I get an email every time the words "Lipstick & Dipstick" are posted in a blog or on a website. It's a great way for us to read reviews of our book, find a mention of us on someone's website or see who is linking to us.

But sometimes the alert has nothing to do with Lipstick & Dipstick, advice columnists. Sometimes it's a guy being nasty about, well, you can imagine how the words "lipstick" and "dipstick" can be used  in a pornographic posting.

One thing I never expected was a post about bunnies, though. Someone named their bunnies Lipstick and Dipstick and they did what bunnies do, they made more bunnies. Then the owners posted pictures of them on the web.

See our bunnies here!

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