Wednesday, September 23, 2009

AIDS Walking

On Sunday, it was AIDS Walk here in Vancouver. The spectacular 10K route, which took Aids Walkers around the Stanley Park sea wall, was rivaled by the beautiful day. It was warm--75 degrees [insert: laughter from Arizona friends]--and sunny.

The perfect day for a stroll along the ocean. Along the path were many AIDS Walk cheerleaders and several GLBT choirs, one of which I shot a little video of singing "What a Wonderful World." At that moment in time, it truly was.

A permanent fixture on the Stanley Park sea wall is the man pictured here. Kent Avery, who spends his weekend days balancing rocks on another for passersby.

Despite the incredible advances medicine has made around HIV/AIDS, it's still so important to support our brothers and sisters who've contracted this rabid disease and the researchers who are trying to cure it.

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Anonymous said...

It's AIDS, not Aids :)