Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where in the World is Jennifer Beals?

She's at Fedex|Kinkos!

In Vancouver, BC, where she filmed the girl-on-girl drama the L Word.

I spotted her yesterday at the copy/expedited mail house of all places. We were standing at the counter together and I was admiring her daughter (so cute), having no idea it was the infamous high-femme pseudo power dyke. I finally looked up and nearly said "Oh my god, it's Bette Porter."

I didn't. Just smiled, stepped back and admired her from a few feet away as she FedExed a box.

Like a freak fan, I snapped a couple photos with my Crackberry, but you can't see her face. I thought I'd post them up here for shits and giggles. They were the best photos I could get without looking stalker-ish and she is notoriously private so I didn't want to bother her. They're far better than the ones I took of the L Word's Rachel Shelley last summer.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for her around Vancouver and hopefully get some more about what she's up to since the L Word. Stay tuned...

UPDATE – Sunday, Sept 20

On the off chance Jennifer Beals stumbles across our little blog, we’ve decided to censor these photos as to not offend (even though you can hardly tell it’s her and we purposefully took these photos so you couldn’t see her daughter’s face). We admire Jennifer Beals and certainly wouldn't want any harm to her or make her life more difficult.

If by random coincidence we cross paths with her again, we'll go up, tell her we loved her on the L Word and ask her to pose for a pic.


Dipstick said...

What! You didn't say hello and that you're a big fan?! Nothing wrong with that! (As long as you don't call her Bette Porter.)

bubblymoo said...

So you know she's a private person but you decided to snap some pictures of her anyway and put them on the net, with the danger of possibly exposing her daughter? I know it doesn't show her face but you're still intruding her privacy.

If you wanna be a paparazzi, get a decent camera.

Anonymous said...

Ease up there Bubbly...don't get a crick in your neck.

Anonymous said...

hey, bubblymoo..GET A LIFE! When did you become the private security guard for Beals. She is a public person.

Intruding on her privacy would be peeking in her windows at night or rummaging through her trash. Snapping a photo in a public place in NOT AN INTRUSION of any one's privacy!

mike said...

sorry this is not jennifer beals..

nic said...

bubblymoo, you need to get that stick out of your ass. Anon no.2 is right, there was no intrusion of privacy and JBeals off all people would understand that photos of her out n about are bound to be taken because she is a public figure.

Also lets be honest, deep down you're probably just as glad to read sightings about Jbeals otherwise you wldnt come here in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Grow the hell up bubblymoo. It's the internet FFS. All bets are off. People can post whatever they want and everyone is free game. Why are you even looking here if you find the whole concept of candid pix so distasteful? Moron. Thanks for posting, Ms Beals looks mighty fine. And yes it is her, cos I recognise the bag ;-)

Anonymous said...

While I agree about the pictures not being a big deal I don't think you all have to suddenly attack Bubblymoo.

I think JB fans get a little angry because she's a self-proclaimed hermit and an extremely private person. She wouldn't even say the names of her dogs in some interview. So y'know it's understandable. Gotta be careful with some celebs.

Daisy said...

Bubbly, are you insane?? She is a PUBLIC FIGURE. Agreed, get a life or crawl back in your safe little hole called *cough**cough*

Anonymous said...

Yeah, except that bubblymoo and those of her ilk think nothing of attacking other people about this kind of stuff all the time. Gotta be able to take it if you're gonna dish it out!

Does Beals live in Vancouver then?

Anonymous said...

<3 Thanks for the photos! JBeals has a home there and in L.A.

And bubbly, nic is right. About time! Take that stick and also that umbrella out!

More photos PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Beals can get the stick out of HER ass and that way her fans will stop acting like she's made of glass r somethin. These photos are harmless. How can you even tell she's looking fine you can barely even tell its her, but I guess sum people will say she looks good even though noone can even see her face.

Anonymous said...

It's not her fault that some of her fans are obsessive freaks who think they personally know what she would and would not find acceptable behavior.

As for being able to tell that she's looking fine, guess it depends where you're looking ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh ya I forgot its forbidden to criticize Beals for anything she says does or thinks. Nothing freaky about obsessing about her dogs names privacy not at all. I guess they take away ur card r sumthin if you dont worship her. As for obsessed freak fans sorry all I see is a bunch of pots calling other kettles black ;-) Ur only disagreeing about methods not madness.

Anonymous said...

I Just Want To Know Who Ms.Beals Is/Was FedExing To, LOL ... Lucky Box touched by LaBeals!

Anonymous said...

Come on "exposing her daughter" are you for real? She is a private person but she is also a public figure she needs to be more forthcoming with us fans who do keep her working and you obssesed people need to relax, if she was so shy and private she chose the wrong proffesion period!

Anonymous said...

oooh, people are angry angry on here.
It all seems a tiche stalkerish to me and even if a million people get angry that I said that, it will seem a tiche stalkerish to me.

vivaldi said...

Would you consider removing the photos from the blog? Leave the story if it's so important to you that the world knows YOU have seen Jennifer Beals, but remove the photos, we believe you. No need for a proof.

Anonymous said...

hola, me gustaron las fotos, y pienso que son realmente inocentes.alguien lee español?

Lianne said...

Anonymouses aren't really very clever here ... Choosing to be an actress because you want to touch hearts by playing beautiful parts in movies or shows, doesn't mean you choose to be haunted!
Bubblymoo is right ... Completely .. Nothing stalkerish about it or us REAL fans .. I've never met Jennifer, I'm not looking for her .. I respect and admire her .. I don't need to bother her in her private life for that.Actually, her being so protective, is what I admire the most of her!
And yes, this is bothering her in her private life .. Even though she probably didn't notice it at that moment, I'm sure she would be hurt seeing her daughter on the internet here. If it is your opinion that a famous person,shouldn't be private, than you better find yourself an actress that does loves to share everything with everyone ...

I'm very glad the pictures are censored now!! Thank you Vivaldi and Bubblymoo!

Anonymous said...

Lame. So disappointed you caved to these so called "real fans." It doesn't make anyone else less of a fan because of the pictures.

Those "true fans" are a bunch of hypocrites. They have pics of Laurel and her family on their site (ones taken WITHOUT HER KNOWING) and have them in their gallery. And those pics are way more intrusive as they show the faces of her kids.

So tell me, how is that any different than this? It's not. That's what pisses me off about this this. The double standard.

I'm sorry but Beals isn't some delicate flower that needs protection. And you can't see their faces.

And I highly doubt Jennifer would ever see your site (sorry).

Anonymous said...

Is this not your blog? Why are you being influenced by what posters have written. The pictures that you have taken do not even show Jennifer Beals face, the same goes for the little girl that is with her. They all talk about how private she is but it didn't seem to stop a lot of them going on their yearly visits to Vancover to stalk out the L Word sets or frequent the haunts of the The L World ladies to catch a glimpse of them or photograph them. I find this more disturbing. The site is really quick to attack other blogs, fans etc,but on the other hand, Laurel Holloman and her family still appear with their faces showing on their site. It really is strange, will remove these pics........I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Oh good lord, I really can't believe you edited those photos. Wow...tibettemafia strikes again. I wonder if they will visit my ex put some thumb screws to her? Maybe you can tell me how that feels, having just gone through it yourself.

JSB604 said...

I have never been to that site tibette but from the comments around here, they sound like a bunch of internet bullies!
I find their (the posters from that site and they are easy to identify) criticism highly hypocritical as they seems to know every thought, move and minute detail of everything JBeals yet they criticize some on else for having been at the right place at the right time to snap a few candid photos (that didn't show anything.)

If I were JBeals, I would be most concerned about the people from that site, as their obsession and hostility is boarding on mentally instability. It is the kind of unhealthy obsession that often leads to violence. Did they really go to Vancouver every year to stalk the cast? Wow! That is serious; and something to be concerned about. Is that the group that travels in mass to every one of her public appearances just to get a glimpse of her from a distance for 5 minutes?


My my, sorry you caved in to the internet bullies and removed the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the photos of Laurel...those were taken by paparazzi and they have to earn a living so those are perfectly ok - according to bubblymoo. So I guess are the photos of JBeals in SoHo (taken without her knowing - full frontal), which are on their site. Hypocrisy at it's worst! Oh, but is it makes yu feel any better, bubblymoo feels guilty when she looks at them.

Anonymous said...

Well it sux that you caved. I don't think you did anything wrong and it's rediculous that members from a board that plasters pix of Holloman with her kids and Beals in OTHER shots taken in "private" moments feels like it can dictate to other blogs what it should and shouldn't post. Pleaze clean ur glass house before throwing any more stones. Beals doesn't need "protecting" no matter how much her fans think she walks on water.

Anonymous said...

A "bubblymoo" the equivalent of fizzing cow crap? Because that's what seems to be hurled at people who disagree with that poster.

Anonymous said...

I thought the pics were harmless and yes TiBette stalkers exist.

The Craic said...

It's too bad that you had to cave in to the internet bullying. has their own pictures just like this except with visible faces. So their criticism is complete hypocrisy.

Maureen57 said...

And yes, Bubblymoo actually said that the photos are taken by paparazzi and that is ok, because paparazzi have to earn a living ( except bubblymoo feels guilty when she looks at them).

But Joe or Jane normal better not post them, or she will get on their blog and bully them to stop.

Completely illogical.

BullyMoo said...

They are over there on celebrating their victory, "protecting Jennifer" by getting you to remove your pictures.

Bullymoo did her dirty work.

Put 'em back up - don't let the Tibette mafia run your site. Because they will be HAPPY to run it for you, and for me, and for everyone else.

They are over there now laughing about how they won.

Anonymous said...

I wish La Beals would comment this ridiculous case, but I'm afraid she has better things to do.

tibette.comics should really get over their paranoias and hopes that they do some great favours for JB. I wonder if she has personally thanked them already?

I bet JB herself, or some of her staff get the same Google alerts as we do, so she may be aware of those pics here. I really hope Lipstick & Dipstick consider putting the pics back, just to show the mafia at tibette.comics that they did NOT win.

JB fan, but not as good as some others, obviously

Anonymous said...

Lipstick and Deipstick, straight off the tibette comics website:
vivaldi, bubblymoo,

good job

pictures were censored


Francie said...

I have to repeat a question that was asked earlier. Is this not YOUR site? Why are you letting these people tell you what you can and cannot do on YOUR site?

Pardon my language, but that is bullshit.

So it it is OK for them to post unknowing photos of the actresses but not you? Again, bullshit.

I used to visit but the arrogance and holier than thou attitude the users of that site have is unbearable. They go around thinking they are the only true fans of Jennifer and Laurel. Any anyone who disagrees with them or even says one bad thing about the actresses and they attack.

I do hope you put those pictures back. There is nothing wrong with them. At this point it has gotten to be more than just about Jennifer Beals. It is now also about letting others (with no authority what's so ever) censor you.

If Jennifer Beals herself called you and asked you to take down the pics, then fine. But some fans who think they are the watchdogs of said actress is again bullshit.

FizzyCow said...

Those posters on are nothing but hypocrites and they get oh so nasty when anyone dares to disagree with them. Cos they are the bosses of Laurel and Jennifer, and no one better stand in their way. It's pathetic. They are the worst stalkers of all, follow these poor women all over the country and indeed the world, attend every meet and greet, auction, nightclub appearance. You name it, they're there. If it were me I'd make a stand and put the pix right back on up there. Who cares what they think, idiots!

Anonymous said...

Those so called "real fans" rule their kingdom with an iron grip and damn anyone who dares defy they're so called "greatness". Yes, JBeals is a private person, but she's also a celebrity. It's a double edged sword. And I agree about the whole Laurel thing; just b/c she is okay with exposing her child and family that makes it OK to post pictures of them? But not of Jennifer b/c she's a "private" person? Well all celebrities are "private" people yet we see their pictures splattered all over magazines that you pick up and read, but that's okay, those paparazzi need to make a living. (wtf?) It comes with the territory to have pictures taking of her when she's out and about. This probably isn't the first time someone snapped a candid of her and it won't be the last. It's not like someone climbed a tree and peeked into her home. This is your site, don't let other people tell you what you should or shouldn't do. They probably wouldn't like it much if you or someone else went to their site and told their hypocritical holier than thou asses what to do, now would they?

Anonymous said...

It's not like she went up to her and bothered her when she was with her daughter. She took a discreet pix with her phone and decided to share it with the people who read this blog, what's the big deal? No one was harmed. I'm sure if put in the same situation all those hypocrites would do the very same, or even actually walk up to her.

QueenS/FreakyTiki said...

It is disappointing that you altered/edited the pictures. Please know that the so called "fans" who did not like the pictures you posted do not speak for all dedicated fans of Jennifer Beals. And above all, they do not have any legal capacity to represent her.

I think what's really sad is that the spur of the moment, fun aspect of your blog posting has been tainted by all that has happened.

Anonymous said...

It is really sad that you let the tibette bullies tell you what to do.

Anonymous said...

You are ridiculous you removed the pics come on have some balls!

Dipstick said...

Oh My, what controversy we have stirred up here.

Just so you all know, Lipstick did not edit the photos because she was bullied into it. She did it because she felt it was the right thing to do.

But thank you all for stopping by and visiting our blog. We hope you'll come back again soon.

We've got some good Jennifer Beals stories coming up. So stay tuned....

Anonymous said...

She felt that this was the right thing to do after bullying? Great.

Unknown said...

Lamendumpy (the douche bag) is over there on the Tibette comic site calling other users "kunts"!!! With Bullymoo's blessing!

It is amusing to think that this big "kuntryninja" fuss all started because the paparazzi need to make a living, too.


Thanks for your patience, lipstick and dipstick.

Bolly said...

I just have one question - did Jennifer Beals herself appoint bubblymoo, vivaldi, etc as protectors of her privacy? If not, shut the f*ck up and stop pointing a judgmental finger at someone who's taken very harmless pictures of Jennifer.

By the way, I happen to think taking snapshots of celebrities in public places is normal fan behavior. Nothing devious or sinister about it. People naturally get excited when they meet their favorite celebs and want to share the experience with the world. In this case, the photographer was respectful enough to not even show fully Jennifer's or her daughter's face.

P.S. Lianne, you must be delusional. Jennifer was in no way "hunted" (was that what you meant to say instead of "haunted"? Better invest in a spellchecker) by the person who took these photos. And what yardstick did you use to proclaim you and your gang as "real" fans? Is one of the criteria going around reprimanding people with your holier-than-thou attitude?

P.P.S. I'm very disappointed that the pictures are now censored.

Unknown said...

Lamentaloony is over on the Tibette comic board calling other community members bad names that start with C, or K,whichever.

And BullyMoo is cheering her on.

All because paparazzi need to make a living too.


kuntryninja, the real one said...

Hey, hey, what's going on, folks? Stop stealing my new name! :)

BubblingPoo said...

I have a new name, too :)

Unknown said...

Sorry, kuntryninja, I admired your name so much since Lamentaplooie made it up out of thin air.

Unknown said...

There, my name is now official and I feel very pompass and domineering. Obey or be banned! - that is my new motto.

Unknown said...

We all bow down and obey the Bubbling Poo.

(Except the paparazzi who do have to earn a living).

LameNinny said...

LMAO Kuntryninja(s) and Bubbling Poo. Can I join your little gang and go around terrorising anyone who dares to think differently to us? All the while defending the honor of La Beals and her offspring of course...

Anonymous said...

bubblymoo is like Hitler!

Unknown said...

LameNinny, we would love to have you join our terrorist group, "The Protectors of Jennifer".

You will have to be willing to let us change your name to whatever seems best, LameNinja.

Now there are 60 of us online at anytime. Grrrr.

BubblingPoo said...

"bubblymoo is like Hitler!"

I don't think Hitler would have defended the paparazzi....but then paparazzi have to make a living, too.

Anonymous said...

then bubblymoo is worse than Hitler

Unknown said...

The latest guidance from our leaders: Bubbly Poo's boss doesn't personally give a damn about those sites or the people who populate those shitty places.

Let's ponder this wisdom to learn how we can use it to protect Jennifer Beals or the paparazzis' right to earn a living.

Anonymous said...

When I was young girl, my family live in country ruled with iron hand by dictator. He imposed his will on all. We were always afraid. My father was a brave man. He spoke out about freedom, the will of people and free speech. He was taken away one night. We never saw him again.

My mother was also a brave woman. She took me and my brother and we escaped through the forest in the night to freedom. I was six then that happened.

Now we live in democracy. We have free speech and majority rules. We are FREE! Freedom is very precious and you should cherish it because millions of people do not have it.

To you who own this blog. Are you going to be dictated by a small minority or are you going to be STRONG FREE WOMAN and exercise the rights you have like FREE SPEECH and FREEDOM of PRESS?

Majority should rule and you should exercise your freedom. Please put the pictures back so we could see this.

I do not think Jennifer Beals would like the actions of those women who bullied everyone. She doesn't seem to me to support hate and oppression.

Anonymous said...

I do get the feeling that from kuntryninja's post to the succeeding ones, the same poster is posting comments / kinda talking to oneself just using different names.

Anyhow, if this blogger decided to censor the pictures because she/he feels the need to, then so be it... I am not saying one is right and the other is wrong... it´s disturbing to read comments where one is calling names... move on....


Unknown said...

Move on? Kaz says to move on?

Just like Bubbly Poo said to censor the pictures? More censorship.

This is dipsticks and lipstick's blog; how does Kaz get to say when to move on?

Kuntryninjas does not talk to herself.

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope that JBeals doesn't stumble on this blog. I think she would be horrified and very disappointed by the level some of these posters have sunk to. To the posters from YOUR READING THIS? Stop being so immature. Being obnoxious brats will not gain friends and influence people anywhere!

Anonymous said...

We tried to discuss this rationally on the Tibette blog, where the moderatore called us names (kuntryninja for example) and did all the juvenile things you see here.

I'm finished posting, but Tibette mods only reap what they sow.

kuntryninja, the real one said...

Well, I think we have all made our point (some maybe more than once).

My suggestion is that we get out of the sandbox now, shake our clothes, wash our weepy faces, and start behaving according to our age :)

LameNinja said...

Don't think anyone is talking to themselves here, there are plenty of folks who agree that the modus operandi of Bubbles, Lame, Breastless M, Vulvaldi and certin others on is disgraceful. The gloves were off once and for all when the "kunts" comment was posted by Lame. Great moderation over there BTW. Must be the only forum where flaming is actively encouraged. It all seems to have gone rather quiet now though. They must be too busy laughing at all those other "shitty" sites and the equally shitty people who dare to read anything other than their pathetic propoganda.

Lament said...

*blows kisses to the crowd* Wow! I'm honored people are talking about me on a blog. SWEET! I also find it really funny how people are insisting I called someone a cunt. Nope, I did not. That was an incorrect assumption. All the plays on my name are pretty funny too.

Here's the thing. I was away when the shit hit the fan. I come back and read something that basically attacks my friends. Uh-uh, that ain't gonna fly. And don't think the mods play favorites either seeing as some of my posts got wiped as well even though you can still see one or two of them in quoted text.

Meh, whatever. As Sugarland says, " happens."

BubblingPoo said...

Lament, if it doesn't bother you why come here to defend yourself? me thinks you worry about your stinky reputation! Blow it out your poo hole and crawl back to tibette comics.

Lament said...

Because it's kind of shitty to have people talk (lame) shit about you behind your back and not address it. I came here to see if this bullshit was still going on, and of course, it is.

Tibette comics huh? Yeah we are a pretty comical bunch. I'm glad you think so too. Are you one of the sheeple at twop? Do you maybe like to refer to Laurel as CrazyNeck then have the nerve to call yourself a fan? Nah, don't answer that. It's none of my business.

Well, I'm headed back to where my friends and family are (yes, if you are dying to know, some of the members are real life friends and family to me). If anyone else here would like to stop being socially retarded you are more than welcome to join me. Throw no crap and I have none to throw back. We'll all get along just fine. 8)

Oh, and to the blog owners, I'm sorry this crap has gone on as long as it has, which was about 5 seconds too long.

Anonymous said...

Darn, where's Bowl Movement's violin when you need it?

mini adventure! said...

Re Lament comment regarding her thinking that that Tibette.Com are a funny website... insert Tina eyeroll,takes a step back and says...

"Don't flatter yourselves. I don't think you you come close to getting a comic licence."

Anonymous said...

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DcDog69 said...

This is a true story with a very strong point to be made.
I never followed Princess Diana’s life, but I have never been able to forget her death. This is because on one Thursday afternoon I was home sick, so I turned on the TV and Geraldo was on, which I never watched. I was about ready to flip the channel when he said he was going to talk about the two people in the world that was sought after most by the press. I was curious, so decided to stay tuned in, not knowing at the time what an impact this would have on my life later. (JFK Jr. was #1 and Princess Diana was #2). Just two days later on Saturday night, Princess Diana was killed in a car crash while being chased by paparazzi. I was totally stunned. At that moment I realized whatever curiosity I may have regarding any famous person’s personal life could no longer be justified nor did it matter. Nobody has the right to invade in someone else’s privacy even if their famous. It shouldn’t be the price for fame.

Bottom line: the person who took the pictures of Jennifer Beals did in fact invade her privacy. Jennifer was not at a public event, she was mailing a package. If you wanted a picture of her then you should've asked her permission. This way you are respecting her as a person and giving her the opportunity to protect her own daughter. You had a 50/50 chance of her saying yes. The private sector should ask themselves how would they feel if someone just took their picture without premission. That's what's wrong with this world. We need to respect, to be respected.

DcDog69 said...

We know how awful the media and paparazzi are while earning a “living” off others. Why do private citizens feel the need to emulate them? Do you want someone snapping your picture when you are: picking your nose in traffic, using a public bathroom with the stall door missing, while you’re on your butt after slipping on an icy sidewalk? Then posting it on the net? Treat all people with the respect that you would expect or want or desire for your self.

Our country’s history has the best example of why you shouldn’t take someone’s picture without permission; just ask the nosey European settlers. When the settlers took pictures of the Native Americans without their permission, they were usually scalped or killed. It’s just too bad it’s illegal to do the same to the paparazzi or obsessed fans in today’s era.
Everything you do in life has a direct effect on someone else’s life.

Review basic human rights (Geneva Convention) societal and cultural mores and norms….

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