Thursday, September 17, 2009

Speaking of Seeing Celebs in Vancouver

I also brushed shoulders with Sarah McLachlan a few weeks ago in Yaletown. She was humming a song and we walked passed one another on a tight sidewalk. Since then, I've been hoping what she was humming was off a new album she's working on (fingers crossed--there hasn't been very much new stuff in years.)

Sarah just put on a charity concert here in Vancouver called Summer Sessions last week for her charity--The Sarah McLachlan Foundation, which raises money for music for kids in the inner-city. The concert was set on the shores of the English Bay at sunset in West Vancouver, just ten blocks from her house (she told the crowd). Neil Young and Sheryl Crow joined her at Ambleside Park.

If you've missed her music as much as I have, here are two little morsels to chew on today...