Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fight Inequality in Maine, Washington and Michigan

It's an off year election this year, but that doesn't mean there aren't some really important issues that will be decided this November.

In Maine, the state legislature passed a gay marriage bill and the governor signed it in May. Gay couples should be lining up at the altar right now, instead they're fight a "Prop 8" style battle because the antis gathered enough signatures to put gay marriage up for a popular vote in Maine. The battle is REALLY close. Last I check 48% for, 48% against. It is so important that we win this battle. We must show the anti-gay haters that they can't bully us at the ballot box every time our legislatures pass a law in our favor. There's many ways you can get involved from donating money to volunteering your time. The National Center for Lesbian Rights has all the details you need to get involved.

Even more scary than Maine, is the battle going on in Washington State. Washington passed a comprehensive domestic partnership bill that grants gay and lesbian couples many of the same rights as married straight people. Those bastards on the other side SAID they didn't care if we had rights, just so long as we didn't call it marriage. We knew they were lying and it's evident in their mean-spirited attempt to take domestic partnerships away from not only gay and lesbian couples, but for people over 62 years old who need the protections as well. Find out how to help out in Washington.

Kalmazoo, Michigan recently passed an anti-discrimination law, preventing gay people from getting fired from their jobs and denied housing on account of their sexual orientation. Bigots are trying to repeal that law as well through the ballot box. You can help out in Michigan too.

Won't you consider making a donation to one (or all) of these campaigns. I did!

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