Saturday, October 17, 2009

Great Baby Mama Gift Ideas

Know someone or a dyke couple who's having a baby? Are you preggers? Considering it? Looking for some cool new clothes?

One of my nearest and dearest friends has started a clothing line called Ava Rose Designs. It's an online clothing boutique for women and children. There are all kinds of fabulous things on her site for babies and kids--bibs, blankets, splat mats, burp cloths and, my personal favorite: The Ooopsie (which she has coined and created).

For mums, she has a great clothing line, too, which features bermuda shorts, pj pants, hoodies, polo shirts, and more.

I've known Mel since we were in kindergarden and she's been one of my absolute best friends since then. We've been through it all together, too, and she's as close to blood as it gets. She's pictured here with her daughter, the inspiration for the line, Ava Rose.

Way to go, Mel!

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