Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gay Pride Christmas

While Lipstick was having a Christmas in a place where there are no queers at all, Dipstick was hosting a raucous lesbian holiday. Tiger and I invited 14 lesbians and one baby to Christmas dinner at our house. Even though we clearly informed the guests that dinner was taken care of, apparently lesbians can't not potluck. Everyone brought at least one or two dishes and our table was over flowing with shrimp, bulgar salad, potatoes, Christmas pudding, matzo ball soup, brie, bread and pies, cookies and cake.

My friend Carla here models the rainbow mittens Tiger and I received as a gift from my Mom. Although you've gotta love my mom for celebrating my being gay, apparently she hasn't read the chapter yet on lesbian fashion in our book. Not only is the rainbow out of style, but never, ever, ever should a couple be seen in public wearing matching anything, including mittens. Unless of course, it's Halloween. But I can forgive her. The lady's almost 80, after all.

Hope you all had a Christmas that was equally as gay.

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