Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Welcome to Portland, Diane!

Lipstick and I couldn't be happier that our Executive Editor from Curve magazine, Diane Anderson-Minshall has moved to Portland.

We braved the flooded Portland streets to meet for cocktails to celebrate her arrival. We love Diane for many reasons. She took a chance on us and gave us our start in Curve magazine. She encourages and supports all our crazy Lipstick & Dipstick ideas. She mentors us and helps us grow as writers.

She is probably the smartest person I know. Whenever I meet with her, even just for a drink, I want to have a pen and notebook ready to take notes. She knows so much about everything: Pop culture, technology, fashion, lesbian culture, celebrity gossip and high stakes gambling.

Diane is a woman of many accomplishments, but one I'm sure she'd like us to mention is the publication of two lesbian murder mysteries: Blind Curves and Blind Leap with her partner Jake.

We love you Diane. Welcome to Portland.

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