Saturday, December 8, 2007

Win a Date with Lipstick & Dipstick

The Portland Mercury is holding an online auction to raise money for charity. And one of the exciting items you get to bid on is a date with Lipstick & Dipstick. Bidding is pretty low right now. We really want to bring in more money than a date with Police Chief Rosie Sizer. We promise not to carry a gun to our date and we won't talk about rising crime rates on public transportation. We also promise to dress snazzier than the Chief and we won't bring up your past record. Everyone has a crime of passion in their past, don't they? To show how generous we are, we'll even allow you to bring a date to our date.

So, come on--do your good deed for the year. Bid on a date with Lipstick & Dipstick.

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Unknown said...

dipstick you are so cute!!!! ^_^