Friday, October 10, 2008

Bon Jour from Montreal!

We're up here in Montreal, Quebec having a gay old time for Pattycake's birthday (I'm also working on a piece for CURVE about Montreal). What fun we're having, getting into all kinds of "problèmes" (Frenchie for trouble). We've tooled around Old Montreal (the sexieist and most romantic place on earth), shopped our booties off and eaten enough pomme frites to induce a massive heart attack. We're on our way out the door, but I thought I'd throw a few pics up for "shits et fou rire" (shits and giggles).

The photos: Patty in front of Notre Dame at twilight, Lipstick in confession at Notre Dame, Patty enjoying a pecan tart in Old Montreal, us having drinks at Saloon in Le Village, a Catholic church with a gay flag in the back, and the fall trees *sigh* on Mount Royal.

If you've never been to Montreal, take the two minute tour HERE.

More to come....

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