Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Day Canucks!

Gobble, gobble, goes the the Canadian turkey. Today is Thanksgiving in Canada! What a wonderful surprise to get to celebrate all there is to be thankful for right as TV season gets underway again and I'm brainstorming what to wear for Halloween. There are, of course, many things to be thankful for this year. Here is a short list I came up with this morning and I was scalloping potatoes:

- Ellen's evolving futch sense of style
- The fact that the L Word is doing a spin-off
- Harvey (the dog) is only eating my old pairs of panties
- Sarah Palin is a moron
- The stock market rallied today
- I get to see Nana next week
- The world hasn't been sucked into a blackhole
- My new pair of boots

Even if you're not in Canada today, I encourage all of you to count your blessings and always clean your plate (even though Weight Watchers says not to).


Anonymous said...

AND that the L word spin-off isn't centered on Jenny.

Happy Thanksgiving!

BerengariaD said...

Surely the best thing to be thankful for is living in Canada! My spiritual home is on the beach at Shelter Pt. 10 kilometers south of Campbell River on Vancouver Island, where I used to climb out the window at night and walk.

Gotta love Canada.