Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kathleen Bryson's Big Debut

Portlanders: Come Out to Support the Women's Film Festival and Portland's Own Kathleen Bryson! She rocks!

Here is the press release for the big premiere:

POW Fest and Siren Nation present the World Premiere of "The Viva Voce Virus"!

Please join us Wednesday, November 5th at 7:00pm for an evening of surreal cinema, featuring the World Premiere of "The Viva Voce Virus," presented by The Portland Women's Film Festival (POW Fest) as part of the Siren Nation Festival.

"The Viva Voce Virus" is co-directed by Kimmo Moykky and Portland's own Kathleen Bryson. London actress Ronnie investigates a mysterious disease from Hollywood's yesteryear: a disease that makes actors keep mum about their same-sex love affairs, a sickness seemingly spread by frothy blue drinks and perfume atomizers. It's a "wild, vivid, surreal sci film... a Kenneth Angerish adventure through the history of the closet," says Friction Magazine.

We will also present a preview of the upcoming documentary, "Five Star
Museum: Exotic World and the Burlesque Revival", produced by Portland's own Courtney Herman.

Doors open at 6:30 pm at The Hollywood Theatre, located at 4122 N.E.
Sandy Blvd. in Portland, Oregon. Tickets are $5 for the screening or
$25 for a festival pass. More information is available at www.sirennation.org, www.powfest.com and www.vivavocevirus.blogspot.com.


The mission of the Portland Women's Film Festival is to celebrate the art and cinematic contribution of women filmmakers from around the world, in any format, with any content and in any genre. The 2009 festival will take place March 19-21 at The Hollywood Theatre.

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