Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Insurance Bill

I can't remember another time that receiving a bill in the mail made me smile.  But today I got a notice of some changes to my auto insurance.  Here's what it said:

Please be aware that effective with your next renewal, the following changes have been made to your policy: Paragraph A.2. The term spouse has been expanded to include the "named insured's" domestic partner, as defined by Oregon law, throughout the policy and attached endorsement.

These changes are provided due to the passage of Oregon House Bill 2007 which recognizes domestic partnerships in the state of Oregon for those couples who choose to register with the state for recognition or form a legal domestic partnership contract.

These changes grant registered domestic partners and civil union partners the same rights as those granted to married couples within the State of Oregon.



Anonymous said...

Excellent! I was just reading my insurance policy today (not a good sign, needing to read an insurance policy sans renewal) and thinking about spousehood and domestic partnership and so forth.

Hooray for rights, even under a different name.

Dipstick said...

Well I spent 30 minutes on the phone today, trying to get my status changed from "single" and it seems that even though my insurance company sent out the notice and domestic partnerships have been on the books since January 1, 2008, somehow they don't know how to deal with it.

I'm supposed to get a call back tomorrow. We'll see...